Where to Start a Tech Startup

July 24, 2015

11:00 am

Planning a tech startup? Then as an entrepreneur, you must have many concerns such as funding, developing a marketing strategy, ensuring that you provide good service, etc. However, one of the most important decisions which you will have to make is to choose the right geographic location for your tech startup.

Location is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you will need to consider the office costs, the tax and legal incentives, and access to incubator programs. All these are important issues to consider for business especially if you are just starting. I researched data provided by Simply Business to compile the numbers that round out the top startup ecosystems.

Here is a list of top ten places where you should start your tech startup in the U.S.

1. San Francisco and the Bay Area

The San Francisco bay area is home to a large number of leading companies such as Pandora and Craigslist.  The city of San Francisco is most ideal for a tech startup as the place attracts young people due to its vibrant and lively atmosphere. It does not cost much to build an IT business with the accompanying infrastructure so you might as well think of starting your tech startup here.

No. of Startups: 11,722


2. San Jose

Silicon Valley serves to be the birthplace of countless internet startup companies and continues to be the most popular place to start up a tech market. It is filled with the leading IT startup communities. Some of the major IT businesses such as Facebook, Google, and PayPal can be found here. The area is packed with talented entrepreneurs who daily venture a large sum of capital money.

No. of Startups: 980


3. New York

Over the years, the mayors of NYC have worked hard to make the city look appealing and attractive to tourists, investors, and the entertainment industries. New York City is quickly becoming one of the largest IT markets and IT hubs for these industries. The many media conglomerates that are spread across Madison Avenue help the nearing small IT businesses to flourish, making it one of the most successful areas to start a tech startup.

No. of Startups: 7,584


4. Boston

Boston continues to be one of the major IT hubs. Surrounded by the prestigious MIT, many of the tech start-up companies here have been created by MIT graduates who decided that they wanted to stay in New England.

No. of Startups: 2,334


5. Los Angeles

Initially Los Angeles was not famous for being an IT hub but over the years it has cultivated a thriving media and entertainment industry along with becoming a popular location for tech startups.

No. of Startups: 5,054


6. Washington D.C

Home to the federal government, DC has established itself a busy market. A lot of IT companies have flourished in the region mainly because of the heavy influence of the federal government and the strong interest in security.

No. of Startups: 1,133


7. Seattle

Seattle is home to many headquarters of hi-tech companies such as Microsoft. A large number of successful entrepreneurs are found in these regions and it serves to be the home of many start-up companies.

No. of Startups: 1,080


8. Austin

Finally, Austin is famous for having a thriving startup market. Many leading companies such as RetailMeNot and NetSpend started off as successful startup companies here. Austin is home to a vibrant young crowd filled with talented individuals who make the location ideal of a tech startup.

No. of Startups: 1,339


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