3 Key Factors Defining Argentina’s Startup Culture

April 2, 2015

10:00 am

The startup scene in Argentina is blooming. This comes as no surprise, since the average cost of starting a biz goes as low as $300 here according to World Bank Group. A collaborative entrepreneurial community, unique lifestyle, and huge boom in mobile development are just among a few other damn good reasons that Argentina has a great startup culture. The buzz goes further as Argentinian startup companies reveal the perks and terms they offer to their employees. Here are 3 latest trends in Argentinian startup culture.

1. No corporate bureaucracy

“We have simple decision making policy – anyone from the team can reach out to me with any suggestion. If it's good, we'll implement it. There’s no need to seek approval from your manager, so that he could ask their manager if you can start working on a 10 page business proposal. We keep it simple: got an idea – lets talk,” says Lucas Lezcano Velez, CEO of Comparaencasa.

Argentinian entrepreneurs are known for their creativity and efficient decision making, developed as a response to certain economical instability and constant rule changes. However, it helped them to develop a special stamina to deal with any sort of problems and act fast. If you have great idea, it will always be considered and even implemented with no further dues.

2. Community plays a vital role

While the startup scene in Buenos Aires and Argentina isn’t yet as diverse as in the Silicon valley, networking plays a great role. Startup Buenos Aires is the biggest local entrepreneurial community helps connecting members locally and globally, and setting up co-working spaces and educational classes with the ultimate goal of providing resources to grow a strong and sustainable start ecosystem in Argentina and throughout Latam.

“Despite – or perhaps thanks to – the ups and downs in the national economy, Argentina has developed a highly resilient class of entrepreneurs who build businesses with global ambitions; they don't have the luxury of staying local,” says Lisa Besserman, the founder of Startup Buenos Aires.

Palermo Valley hosts regular meetups and conferences with local and international speakers to share the experience and work together on establishing a better startup eco-system.

“Nowadays more people are learning all they need online, then starting their businesses and gaining much traction with little investment. Also, the ecosystem has matured much and many successful entrepreneurs have become angel investors, helping and supporting a new batch of entrepreneurs,”  says Vanesa Kolodziej, founder of Palermo Valley.

3. Healthy work-life balance

Argentina’s based in the same time zone with all major US cities, eliminating the need of working at odd hours to catch up with the client or customers. While the Silicon Valley work culture trends toward 70 hour work weeks, Argentinian companies stick to a healthier routine with an average workweek of 40-45 hours. Some companies like Comparaencasa recently introduced an optional work-from-home Friday, while also encouraging stuff to spend more time in the gym with free membership and go offline on the weekends.

Most startup office spaces in Argentina are modern, spacious, and creative with loads of light, comfy design, and in-house perks to keep the employees happy and productive. MercadoLibre’s new office provides a great balance between open spaces and private getaways for quick meetings, along with great graphical art prints around the area to bring in some colors from the street.

Image credit: Flickr/Gisela Giardino

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