Startup Genome Project Compares Global Ecosystems [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 23, 2015

11:00 am

Startups and tech companies are slowly but surely becoming the new faces of business. So many aspects of our economy are based on the health of these businesses, and the global marketplace is shifting more and more in that direction.

Taking a detailed look at startups and global startup ecosystems can shed a lot of light on the bigger picture of business around the world. There are several lengthy reports out there that compare startup ecosystems, including those produced by and Startup Genome. Now Computer Science Zone has compiled a large pile of data in an easy-to-read infographic, to save you the time of scanning 200 pages of text to find the most valuable information.

The Startup Genome Project 2.0 compares different eras and trends in the 20th and 21st Century technology boom. It touches upon everything from the shift in corporate structure that the 20th Century experience, to the 21st Century challenges of instant connectivity between businesses and customers and more global competition.

The Project also selected several key ecosystems from around the world and compared them in metrics such as funding, market reach, talent, and fastest-growing (it's Austin, btw). Here are just a few of the dozens of statistics pulled together in the infographic:

  • In 2015, Singapore jumped from the 17th best startup ecosystem to the 10th.
  • Silicon Valley still has as much startup capital and exit volume as the top 20 ecosystems combined.
  • The entire US GDP is $15 trillion and $1 trillion of that is from nine tech companies that have all been around for 15 years or less.
  • 100% of NYC startups in the study have a technical founder.
  • Entrepreneurs with mentors saw 3.5 times more growth and 7 times more investment than those without mentors.
  • Startups, even those with VC backing, have a 75% chance of failure within the first two years.

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