Your Startup Should Be on Instagram Unless You Want to Fail

August 22, 2016

2:00 pm

There is no reason your startup shouldn’t be using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. With over 500 million users, it’s a social network that provides a great platform to reach potential users all over the world.

To help you understand why your business needs to be active on Instagram, check out the infographic by Buzzoid below. In order to experience solid results on Instagram you are going to need to attract a following of loyal brand supporters. Here are five Instagram marketing tips to help you increase your following.

Use your other social media accounts to introduce your audience to your Instagram profile.

You already have a large audience to draw followers from and you might not even know it. Your connections on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are already brand supporters- they wouldn’t be connected to you on social media if they weren’t.

Cross-promote your Instagram on your other social media profiles. This is a very quick way to increase your followers, and the more social platforms you have each person connected to, the better chance you have at them seeing your content and sparking engagement.

Convert your account to a business profile.

Instagram just started to roll out business profiles, providing users with a call-to-action contact option, along with access to analytics, which Instagram refers to as Insights. This data includes impression and engagement numbers. Consider converting a personal profile to a business profile so you can use these features to help understand your audience.

Find a suitable posting frequency.

If you post too often you will annoy your followers and cause them to unfollow you. If you don’t post enough, you will lose that connection that initially caused them to want to follow you. You need to find a posting frequency that keeps your current followers satisfied, while also gives you the option of attracting new users to your brand’s Instagram account.

There is no magical formula — you have to test. Experiment with different number of daily posts and different times of the day. It’s trial and error. Every brand will have a different sweet-spot.

Promote posts from other relevant profiles.

Are you having trouble coming up with enough content to post? Consider sharing posts from other relevant Instagram accounts — just be sure to credit the original profile by tagging them in your caption.

Many apps allow you to download Instagram posts and save them to your phone’s camera roll. Make sure to repost content from Instagram accounts that have an audience you would love to get in front of, because many accounts will return the favor and re-share your content if they see you promoting their profile.

Engage with your followers to encourage growth.

If you show your followers love, they will be more open to helping you grow your following. If a follower leaves a comment on one of your pictures, take a minute to respond, thanking him or her. You create a loyal follower with just seconds of work.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your followers to help. Including something in your captions like, “Tag your friends that would love this” can help you attract new followers on a consistent basis. They are being introduced to your brand through a friend, so there is much less resistance to follow you.

Your Startup Needs Instagram- How to Attract More Followers


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Jonathan Long is the President/CEO of Market Domination Media, an online marketing agency that develops custom online marketing strategies utilizing outside the box thinking. Jonathan also founded EBOC, an exclusive private community for entrepreneurs and business owners and co-founded consumer product Sexy Smile Kit, a home teeth whitening kit.