Startup Spotlight: Daycations, Socks for Social Good, and Job Hunting

April 21, 2017

3:30 pm

In another installment of our weekly spotlight series, we’re taking a look at some startups that are finding new and creative ways to help people. From chilling poolside this summer at your favorite hotel to data-driven platforms that empower job-hunters, the well of innovation never seems to dry up, particularly when we put them in the spotlight.


A responsive lighting platform that has occupancy sensing in order for home care providers and staff to be able to monitor and analyze senior residents. Users of Slack Care will get a notification if a resident doesn’t wake up until much later than usual or stays in the bathroom longer than usual. Slack Care provides analytics about number of bathroom visits and sleep tracking and offers circadian lighting and fall prevention lighting to keep residents feeling their best and out of harm’s way.


This startup gives people the opportunity to gain access to all of the awesome things a hotel has to offer, without the overnight stay. Customers get the opportunity to access steam rooms, cabanas, pools, hot-tubs and more. Daycation is for people who want to have a relaxing day without making an overnight commitment.


If you’ve ever wanted to put yourself out there and try something you’ve never done before, Dabble is the place to go. Dabble makes it effortless for people to search for classes and workshops while connecting with the community around them. And these aren’t just boring, textbook snore-feats- classes include anything from beer brewing, closet organizing and vegan cooking to kick boxing, intro to podcasting and web design. One of Dabble’s main goals is to stimulate the teachers and students participating by making each class fun and hands-on.


DivvyUp is a custom sock company that focuses on giving back to the less fortunate. For every pair of socks that’s purchased from them, a pair of socks is donated to a shelter or less-privileged area. As of December 2016, over 10,000 pairs of socks have been gifted across ten different states.


Comparably is dedicated to providing reliable information and data about the workplace in order to give transparency to the public and potential employees. Comparably gathers compensation and culture data and gives aspiring employees the ability to see how they will be compensated and their true value in the workplace. In doing so, Comparably is leveling the playing field by putting the ball in the employees’ court and giving them a platform to make conscientious decisions about their careers.

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