Startup Spotlight: Smart Pillows, Culinary Experiences & Posture Wearables

May 5, 2017

2:20 pm

As we gear into the summer months, there are so many innovative startups that are giving us a whole new experience. Planning on having a fun dinner date in the summer weather? Maybe you want to improve your posture? Whatever the case may be, there are entrepreneurs working around the clock to make these things more enjoyable and easier than ever.

Each week, Tech.Co will be giving a shout-out to emerging startups in our spotlight series. This week, we’re taking a look at apps that connect foodies with professional chefs, smart pillows that improve sleep, and a whole lot more. We want to keep our audience engaged and up-to-date with the latest tech and innovation. Here are the five startups you need to know:


Coyzmeal connects people with professional chefs for intimate cooking classes and dining experiences. Launched in San Francisco, Cozymeal seeks to make the act of finding an awesome culinary experience just a click away. Cozymeal works with local chefs from a wide range of culinary backgrounds, giving customers the opportunity to experience making pasta all the way to making the perfect seafood dish. Cozymeal is running in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington D.C., Seattle, Boston, and New York City. And there’s a ton more cities that Cozymeal is planting its forks and knives in.

Cozy meal, food



CourseKey is a classroom engagement and management tool that takes advantage of students’ smart-devices by connecting them with the classroom experience and creating a tech-enabled learning environment. CourseKey gives students and professors the ability to interact in innovative ways and create a social learning environment. CourseKey is currently used in 25 colleges and universities nationwide, and boasts 396 active courses in multiple disciplines.


GoShare connects drivers who have a truck or cargo van with businesses and people who need to move or haul large items on-demand. Users can simply enter into the GoShare app the address where the item needs to be picked up, choose a vehicle that can haul it, take a picture of the item, and watch a GoShare truck haul it to wherever you need. The GoShare experience is affordable and convenient, and lets you rate the drivers who are completing the job. It’s like ride-sharing for all of your huge items.



We all have a little slouch when we’re glued to our computer, some more than others. Upright is currently in its kickstarter phase as it seeks to roll out an innovative product that keeps your posture in check while you’re sitting at your desk. The Upright wearable is placed on your back, and help you improve your slouching instantly. The Upright wearable starts rumbling once it notices you are slouching in order to remind you to correct your posture. So far, Upright has received $848,088 in pledges from a $25,000 goal and expect to deliver in August 2017.

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Sunrise Smart Pillow

The Smart Pillow is building the pillow for the person who wants to have it all. With 18 different features, the Smart Pillow gives users the ability to track your sleep, wake you up with light, and stream your favorite music. The Smart Pillow also provides ergonomic support, cooling technology, and smart alarm technology. With so many features and tech, it’s no wonder that Smart Pillow has raised $371,627 from a $50,000 goal. The estimated delivery is August 2017, so get ready for a whole new level of sleep.


Sleep, pillow, technology

Sunrise Smart Pillow

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