Startup Spotlight: Data Recovery, Fishing and LOLs

December 13, 2017

1:30 pm

The holidays can be a stressful time for individuals. But if you can find a way to sneak in some belly laughs and chuckles, everything is going to be much better for your mind and body to make it through. This week in Startup Spotlight we found companies helping anglers catch bigger fish, help students paying off loans, protecting your data and plenty of LOLs.

FoneLab (HuiZhou, China)

iphone apps

The last thing you want to happen is lose all the data, documents and photos in your smartphone. There are many ways to lose data: software corruption, hacked, deleted by mistake, physical damage to the phone or password lockout. The startup FoneLab aims to provide you the best solution to iOS data backup and restore, android data backup and restore, iOS data management and mobile abnormal system fix. Features of their product include: the ability to recover deleted files, retrieve and expert eight types of lost data from other iOS devices, preview backup files before restoring them and can extract data from iTunes backup.

ANGLR (Pittsburgh, PA)

If you’ve ever gone fishing and wish to track your trips and log your catches, then ANGLR is your solution. The startup has blended the digital and physical worlds of fishing and has automated a 1,000 year-old hobby of maintain a fishing logbook. Through their tracker, that attaches to the fishing pole, fishing enthusiasts can record each hook set and catch location, mark way-points from the rod, learn more about their catch-release ratio, and more. The free app that pairs with the tracker allows users to capture, log and review trips, provides detailed insights from trips. Users can now effortlessly capture key fishing events and apply successful patterns to catch more fish the next time. (San Francisco, CA)

Laughing is truly the best medicine, so why not have access to LOLs 24/7? is the first of its kind, on-demand up streaming comedy service. They have the largest catalog of company representing over 700 comedians—from Aziz Ansari to Weird Al Yanjovic. Users can livestream Laughly on your iPhone, Android, or Laptop; And soon to be on the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Users can find emerging comedians or if you are a comedian, add your easily upload your material and earn money.

ChangEd (Chicago, IL)

Student loans are the gray clouds hanging over college students, and the stress of paying them off for years can be a nightmare. Startup ChangEd is an iOS app that helps student loan borrowers pay down their debt more effectively using spare change from everyday purchases. With each purchase ChangEd rounds up your everyday purchases to the next dollar and sets aside your spare change for principal payments. Your change gets transferred to your FDIC insured ChangEd account. Once you hit $100 in change, the company will send out a payment to your loans. Users can check their progress through a dashboard and follow their savings. This service is currently $1/month.

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