Startup Spotlight: Final Exams, Santa Chatbot and Clean Up Your Email

December 8, 2017

1:30 pm

December is the month where the flurry of the holidays are in full swing and students are starting to stress out in anticipation of final exams. This week in Startup Spotlight we found companies helping students get through their final exams, gift giving chatbots, getting out of email hell, and more.

ChatbotsBuilder (Boston, MA)

ChatbotsBuilder is an online platform for easily building complete, effective and advanced autonomous chatbots for Facebook Messenger. Customers can choose among its many templates to quickly add a chatbot to any Facebook page and then use its different reply types to create lead generating bots, list of articles taken from RSS feeds, Mailchimp and Zapier integrations, carousel of images and full-fledged ecommerce or food ordering solutions within the Messenger interface. The platform is specifically aimed at digital marketing agencies and professionals that can use it to quickly build complex chatbots for customers, offering them more value and cutting-edge solutions thus creating a high-margin, low-effort up-sell opportunity. While the ChatbotsBuilder system launched just in October 2017, by the end of November the system already had over 250 bots built and active – among which “SantaBot,” a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that helps users choose the best gift for their loved ones, with a funny and heartwarming touch.

Gooroo (New York, NY)

Final exams, test, SATs are all stressful on students. And getting help in challenging subjects always makes it a bit easier to push through. The Gooroo app instantly connects students of all ages with the best tutors for in-person sessions. Tutors are available for k-12 and college in a variety of topics and specialty areas including: English, math, foreign language, writing, physics, even special education. Parents can book their tutor and sessions right through the app.

Flow-e (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Who doesn’t have email problems? And organizing the inflow can be a constant hassle. Flow-e is a visualization layer on top of Gmail and Outlook365, that allows you to treat your emails and To Dos as tasks on a visual task (Kanban) board. Think of it like Trello, but directly inside your inbox, which eliminates the need of using a 3rd party application. The company was recently ranked 3rd on ProductHunt and to date has over 3,500 sign ups. Get control of your email now.

Booqu (Seattle, WA)

Booking personal services doesn't have to take a ton of phone calls, and the use of multiple apps. Booqu is looking to simplify your life and is an online concierge that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find and book local services. Booqu acts like a personal concierge and finds you the most convenient services in your area based on your request (timeframe, distance and time of day preference). The company also tries to find the best deals in town. If there are appointment slots available, within seconds, you will receive several customized offers from local merchants. It’s now up to you decide which is the best for you – an appointment in one hour, the closest place, or the merchant with the best reviews.

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