Startup Spotlight: Text a Mentor, Local Food and Precious Cargo

July 7, 2017

1:30 pm

Summer is in full swing and it’s hard to go outside without breaking a sweat. Cool off at the pool this summer and let these innovative startups take care of the rest. Each week at TechCo, we spotlight five great startups in tech. This week, we found a company helping provide on-demand produce to underserved communities, a guardian angel that ensures you never leave your child in a hot car, a modern way to obtain business coaching, and more.

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Shotput (Oakland, CA)

Eating healthy is important, but not everyone can afford to do so due to cost or location. Shotput is making nutritious food accessible by changing how food is distributed through the use of robots and AI. Their goal is more than efficiency, it is to provide fresh, on-demand produce to underserved communities.

Shotput supports the local community by working with small businesses and merchants to make their goods available online. Using their app and fully automated marketplace containers, meals and ingredients are available in places that people frequent daily, like train stations and offices. Best of all, Shotput will match any competitor’s price, guaranteed!


Route4Me (Fort Lee, NJ)

Tired of all the traffic? Save time and fuel with Route4Me, a comprehensive Dynamic Route Optimization platform that uses big data, data science, and machine learning to optimize routes for large fleets. Route4Me provides the world’s fastest and heavily used software to help businesses increase profits and boost growth. Determined and inspired by his transportation tribulations, cofounder George Shchegolev set out on a mission to create the first-ever mobile route planning software on the planet. Route4Me provides the world’s fastest and most-used software to help businesses increase profits and boost growth. The Route4Me app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Have BIGplans (Deerfield Beach, FL)

Have BIGplans is the first-ever text business coaching platform. The company is taking a unique approach to the business coaching industry by providing unparalleled dialog between certified business coaches and small business owners in the digital age. They are focused on lessening the barriers for entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, because they believe everyone should have the opportunity to follow their passion. Founder Kavita Sahai started the company to help entrepreneurs to grow their company and ensure founders have access to help achieving prosperity. 

Each one of their coaches has real-world experience leading a successful business outside of their coaching practice. Start with a free consultation, where your new coach will help you form a plan to grow your startup. They’ll teach you how to do it with daily one-on-one support!

mentor at sxsw startups

Angel Safety (NYC, New York)

With the heat ramping up, temperatures in cars can reach over 120 degrees or more. If children or animals are left in a car, it can lead to heatstroke or death. Angel is an intelligent and integrated child awareness system that takes the worry out of running errands. The device sits underneath your child’s car or booster seat to detect when they’re in the car. If you move too far from the sensor, an alert is sent to your phone. Alerts can be sent to multiple smartphones and customized for each caretaker.

Pixie, Baggage Claim (Los Altos, CA)

If you’ve been waiting in the baggage claim and wondering where your bag is located, there’s an answer for that! Pixie is a next generation finder and uses Augmented Reality (AR) to help direct people to their items. Their new baggage claim app uses Pixie Point tags to track items in real-time. The app can track multiple bags at once and detects when your luggage is on the baggage belt within 50 feet indoors. Through a visual guidance system, the app will lead you to the item.

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