Startup Spotlight: Mood-Based Videos, Telenutrition and Managing Money

June 2, 2017

1:30 pm

Tech.Co searches around the world for the latest startups creating products and services that make our lives easier and can help businesses. This week in our Startup Spotlight, we’ve uncovered companies that are curating short-form videos to your mood, helping you improve your quality of life, making it easy to tip the valet and protecting photographer's work of art.


When you are looking to learn about new ways to improve your nutrition, Brookline, Massachusetts-based startup Nutrimedy is taking telenutrition to the next level. This online wellness platform uses science, tech, and behavioral health to find the right solution for your body. When you are ready to get going on your nutritional goals, the platform will pair with your own expert dietitian where you can set up a virtual-office and develop tailored program to your lifestyle.

BRAVO Tipping app

Every go to tip the Valet, a tour guide or concierge and your wallet is out of cash? No worries, Phoenix-based startup Bravo, the tipping and payment app, has got you covered. This startup takes the worry about carrying around cash to tip service providers by using your smartphone to transfer cash over to them and leave a review. Bravo offers multiple ways to tip an individual, through GPS, search for an individual, near-field communication or QR code. The platform can also be used for social good to acquire donations.

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Learning about how to manage one’s money is a life skill that needs to be acquired. For Millennials, they aren’t growing up with hiding their cash under the bed, as every penny is housed on their smartphone. San Francisco-based startup Empower is helping them manage finances, track their spending, and replace their banking app with theirs. The platform offers an overview of daily spending and one’s behavior, along with tools to manage a variety of accounts from one location and transfer money when needed and offers saving solutions. The platform uses high-level encryption to protect one’s data at rest and transfer and doesn’t store one’s credentials. The company is working on adding more features to pay bills and reduce debt.

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One startup is using machine learning to categorize shows you want to watch based on your mood. San Francisco-based Rheo curates short-form videos into channels based on emotion. Whether you’re ready for some LOLs or an update on the latest political rhetoric, each time you share or react to a video, the platform begins to develop more personalized content. Users can also create their own channels and friends can watch all the videos you curated. While the human brain has many emotions, Rheo currently offers Laugh, Taste, Inform, Learn, Spark, Move or Chill. All content is piped in from public sources such as Twitter as well as partnerships. Rheo can also be found on Apple TV, iOS and web.

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Professional photographers are constantly concerned about people stealing their work. One San Francisco-based startup Binded is helping them protect their precious photos by making copyrighting simple. Users simply upload the work they wanted protected to their private copyright vault from a computer or smartphone and each photo is given a unique fingerprint saved permanently to the bitcoin blockchain. The company will issue a copyright certificate to help protect users against copyright infringement. One of the beta features is the ability to monitor where the photo is found on the web and alert the user of any infringement.

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