Startup Spotlight: Stock Market, VR Marketplace and Clean Air for Babies

September 29, 2017

12:20 pm

With flu season around the corner, being exposed to air pollution won't help improve one's health. Each week TechCo searches for the latest startups hitting the market to make your life easier. We found startups helping protect babies from urban air pollution, a new creative marketplace for virtual reality content and a stock predictor.

Roundme Stock

With a strong shift in the market to consume virtual reality content, there’s a new platform that will help creatives market and sell their VR creations. Roundme Stock is the world’s first 360 VR platform where creatives can share, selling and buy virtual reality content in one place. Those already in the Roundme community can begin to add as many high-quality panoramas as they want, for as long as they want, and sell the same VR stock image to different buyers limitless amount of times. To get started all a user needs to do is sign up, choose the desired pano from the personal collection and fill in the required details about the image.


For children that have breathing problems, urban air pollution can be harmful to their health. Brizi Baby is a high-function active fan filter and portable sensor that can be attached to a stroller and cleans up to 80 percent the air in a child’s breathing area when high levels of pollution are detected. When gas and particulate levels in the air reach dangerous levels, the fan filter is triggered and information is sent to the mobile app. Brizi hopes to use this data to inform other Brizi users about air quality. The product is currently on Kickstarter.

Market Sensei

For the casual stock market trader, understanding the fluctuations with your investment can be a crap shoot. Fortunately, Market Sensei is here to help. Machine learning technology provider Expat launched a stock market prediction platform that helps give powerful prediction abilities to everyone from experienced to the weekend trader. The powerful algorithm combines metrics to create a predicted low, high, opening and closing price for thousands of stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX markets through the platform in easy to read graphics. Following a free trial the services cost $19.95 per month.

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