Startup Spotlight: Eco Stove, Smart Jewelry, and Lights for Grandma

November 24, 2017

12:50 pm

During the holiday, safety is a concern. Whether it be protecting your home or yourself if  shopping later at night, we found some startups helping you in this effort.

Each week, TechCo features tech startups that can help streamline your daily life. This week in Startup Spotlight, we found smart jewelry for emergency situations, a solar stove, smart lights for grandma, and more.

Nimb (Los Altos, CA)

Staying safe while on-the-go, at night or on a date, is a constant running dialogue in a woman’s mind. Nimb, a smart and stylish ring is designed to send an alert signal to one’s emergency contacts, other Nimb members nearby or 24/7 call centers with the access to first responders in case of an emergency. With a simple click on the side of the ring, the user can get the help she needs. The ring is made with hypoallergenic materials. The ring also sends notification alerts from their phone. Pre-orders are on sale now.

JuniorTube (Lafayette, IN)

JuniorTube is a collection of curated educational videos for kids and students in K-12 schools. Whether you’re a parent or educator, you can find fun STEM- and education-based videos for your kids. You can also find shows designed for parents such as Travel With Kids where you can get tips about traveling with kids to places like Greece, Mexico, London, and more. The parent company, Nehloo Interactive, took years to research and develop solutions for using curated videos in education, from K-12 to adult education and work skills and professional development initiatives. The two main products that Nehloo brings on the education market are JuniorTube (curated educational videos for kids and students in K-12 schools) and Learn With LOOK (for content marketing and employee education, using videos).

GoSun Stove (Cincinnati, OH)

Instead of lugging around the gas tank for your barbeque, why not try using the power of the sun. The GoSun solar oven is making outdoor cooking easier, cleaner and more. GoSun’s solar cooking technology is transformative with the ability to cook meals in minutes without the use of fossil fuels, charcoal, or wood. The solar ovens work in the freezing cold and clouds and remain safe to touch. GoSun’s breakthrough technology is almost four time more efficient than solar PV, which is growing exponentially. To date they have sold over 10,000 units in over 80 countries. GoSun has potential to improve the lives of the more than three billion people still cooking with wood and charcoal worldwide.

invisaWear Technologies (Nashua, MA)

By the time you reach for your phone, it could be too late to call for emergency services. In situations where discretion is required, attempting to contact help can be dangerous. invisaWear created creates smart jewelry that allow users to instantly contact friends, family and police in the event of an emergency. With the push of a button, users can send a help message containing their location to their pre-configured emergency contacts. The invisaWear component can be easily interchanged within a variety of devices. This allows users to switch between various forms. For example, the component can be placed inside a watch while going for a run in the morning and later that night in a necklace at a black tie event. This is a great gift for women of all generations to keep them safe.

Luna Lights (Chicago, IL) 

Keeping your grandparents safe is the focus of Luna Lights, an automated lighting system that utilizes behavior analysis to keep older adults safer at night. It’s an ultra-thin pressure sensor that detects when a user gets out of bed and immediately turns on small, wireless lights around the home. When the user returns to his or her bed, the sensor turns the lights off automatically. Additionally, a software component collects data regarding the frequency and duration that an adult is out of bed at night, which can be helpful for caretakers and family members. The system will send a text notification to a caregiver if an older adult is out of bed for an unreasonable amount of time. It also allows caregivers to identify trends in nighttime trips and see which individuals are most at risk for falling.

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