Startup Spotlight: Trips With Friends, Sell Your Car, and More Sleep

August 4, 2017

1:30 pm

Trying to fit in one last vacation before summer ends? TechCo has your back. Each week, we compile a list of ideas in tech that will boost your productivity. This week, we discovered a way to help you plan trips with friends, an app that spices up boring text messages, and a program that determines the value of your startup and forecasts your business's financial future.

DestaPlan (Boston, MA)

DestaPlan is a social travel network program that eliminates the hassle of using multiple platforms to communicate while planning a trip. The founders of DestaPlan met while studying abroad and when they returned, they were bombarded with the same questions: where did you go, what did you do, and what places would you recommend? Tired of mentally keeping track of everything, the founders sought to create a centralized platform where people can plan trips in an organized, visually friendly, and collaborative way. Thus, DestaPlan the web platform was born. It allows users to manage trips, keep track of their friends using one dashboard, and browse for inspiration for their next trip.

ScribbleChat (New York, NY)

Trying to get a message across? ScribbleChat is the only app that conveys the feeling behind your words by personalizing mobile conversations with customizable animated stickers. With digital handwriting and animations designed by and for you, ScribbleChat captures your personality and your intent. It’s as intimate as writing a letter with the convenience of being delivered instantly. Best of all, it can be added to all of your favorite messaging apps: iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and Kik. ScribbleChat is available on the both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Valuater (Coventry, UK)

Valuater calculates the value of your company or startup so you can find the current value of your business. Whether you’re trying to attract investors or looking at a joint venture, Valuator will provide you with tools and helpful information to help you make business decisions. Valuater is all about simplicity and, simply put, it’s business valuation and finance forecast tied into a single platform.    

Blinker (Austin, TX)

If you can snap a photo with your smartphone, you can sell a car. Blinker prices your vehicle with a photo. Potential buyers can contact the seller directly through the app and sellers can choose a safe location for a test drive. Ready to make a sale? Blinker will transfer funds securely from buyer to seller, eliminating the middleman and extra fees. That way, people, not car dealers, are in control.

SlumberType (Phoenix, AZ)

Get to know yourself a little better with SlumberType by Exploragen, a lifestyle app that uses your DNA to provide insight into your tastes and tendencies. Users learn how DNA affects your sleep so they can tweak your everyday behaviors to get a full night’s sleep. For example, DNA reveals whether you’re naturally more of a “morning” person or “night” person–or even if you’re somewhere in-between. SlumberType also keeps tabs on other influencers of your sleep schedule like diet, exercise, personality and screen time. By logging these factors that influence your sleep, you can fine-tune your schedule and get the perfect amount of rest.

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