3 Edtech Startups That Make Cramming For a Test Easier Than Ever

March 1, 2017

12:50 pm

A lot of people have had to stay up late to cram for an important test. Your textbooks are sprawled out in disarray, you’ve got empty coffee cups crowding your desk, and anxiety is perforating the room like a bad smell. Lucky for us, three startups are trying to ease that pain.

Edtech has become a staple of the education community. More and more startups are committing to making learning easier for students of all ages. From online test prep courses to the Uber of tutoring, technology is giving education the priority it so rightly deserves. Check out these three startups transforming the learning game for the better:


Say hello to TriviaNote, a company that’s turning studying into a stimulating and entertaining experience. TriviaNote turns your notes into trivia games and quizzes to use for studying—taking the toll of setting up your own practice test off your back. All you have to do is upload your notes into the platform, via laptop or smartphone, indicate the things you want to study in bold and TriviaNote goes to work scouring the Internet for additional relevant content to transform into flashcards or quizzes.

Students can also collaborate with their classmates and challenge each others with quizzes. TriviaNote is currently in public beta testing.


Few academic moments have gained more infamy than the SATs. It’s one of the biggest make-or-break moments for a students trying to get into college. SAT preparation has gained notoriety as a drudging and awful experience and students end up signing up for prep courses that leave their wallets empty and their morale drained, which is why D.C.-based startup PrepFactory created an innovative solution to help students prepare and parents to save their money.

PrepFactory is a free online platform that provides students with games and fun videos to help with the preparation process. For students with test anxiety, they try to offer some comfort by providing questions and takes them through a step-by-step break down to gain confidence. PrepFactory already has a user base of 200,000 and plans to incorporate other exams like the GRE and LSAT.


For students that have a hard time cramming a ton of definitions into their head, Picmonic, a research proven audiovisual mnemonic tool helps students retain and recall information. Using goofy drawings with story and audio, these tools create a studying system that can help retention and improve test scores. Subjects include everything from science and K-12 topics to test prep and a variety of college topics.

Picmonic via Facebook

We’re definitely beginning to enter a whole new era of studying. As students begin to close their hardcover textbooks and opt for a more stimulating alternative, startups are going to have to help deliver information in a way that fosters interactivity, maintains one’s attention and progresses their education. The day may come when students might even begin to look at an Algebra textbook with glee rather than dread.

Photo: Flickr / Steven S., Stocksnap / Pavan Trikutam

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