Strixus Provides Real Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

September 2, 2016

12:30 pm

Many of the systems in use today are notably unprotected against cyber threats. The advent of the internet has made this an even more pressing issue, making these systems easy prey for cyber criminals around the world. Industrial control systems (ICS) are a good example of this. They are all around us in different fields, such as electric, water and wastewater, oil and natural gas, transportation, pharmaceutical, and many others.

However, ICS are an easy target for attackers, because most of them were designed for isolated environments and are now publicly available on the internet. In fact, according to a report by Kaspersky Lab, 91.1% of the ICS from big companies have vulnerabilities, which could be remotely explored by hackers.

The report identified more than 180,000 networks with ICS components accessible via the internet, in 170 countries. Most hosts of those companies are located in the US (30.5% – 57.4%), and in Europe, where Germany, Spain and France respectively lead the ranks. Kaspersky's report also noted that the vulnerabilities on ICS components multiplied 10-fold in just 5 years, from 2010 to 2015, and 15% of the ones detected last year were not fixed.

There are a few services on the market that are specialized in threat prevention and mitigation, and Strixus is one of them. This intelligent, real time cyber-threat detection system provides intelligence from over 100 million sources, which is why it is used by several top-tier companies.

This tool provides corporations and government entities a way to proactive secure systems, with a unique depth in attack intelligence, data breaches and crisis detection. This is more important these days, where the discussion of today's cyber criminality reaches and surpasses the limits of the “visible internet”, going into the Dark Web.

Strixus provides almost real time monitoring of all the mentions your company or brand has. Such monitoring covers the entire world, consisting of more than 100 million locations in the “normal web”, over 200,000 locations in the Dark Web, and even SIGINT and HUMINT sources – all this happening around the clock, and reaching 27 different languages.

The intelligence provided by Strixus comprises attacks, data loss and reputation damage, as well as mitigation services in order to neutralize threats. All this undergoes human analysis, in order to reduce false positives.

The company believes that all clients and situations are different, which is why they deliver a service structured around each client. If your business is a potential target, then Strixus may actually be a solution to seriously consider.

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