Make the Most of Your Time: Subcontract Social Media Management

February 28, 2015

12:00 pm

Time goes by quickly when you're spending it on social media. On the other hand, no matter how much time you spend trying to manage your company's social networks, the results may not be as good as you hoped for.

Time is an important factor in social networks – businesses do not like to spend much time on it, but expect that users will. Here are three reasons why social media management should be subcontracted, leading to better results and less frustrations and wasted time.

Managing social networks is time consuming

According to statistics released by Hubspot, the majority of marketers (59%) are using social media for 6 hours or more each week. In order to have active profiles, marketers need to, among other things, find and create information to publish, respond to comments and feedback, thank people for sharing, commenting or liking, etc. This should take more than 6 hours.

Social media marketing is not something that can be done in a short amount of time, at least not if the goal is to get good results. It is a continuous effort, 24/7. Of course that this is almost unbearable for most people, and that is why these tasks should be subcontracted.

Social network management can be frustrating

Like everything in life, if someone does not know what to do, that person will end up frustrated and with a feeling that all that time has been wasted. This is especially true for people managing their own business, as they already have enough stress with the daily tasks. If we add the management of social networks, this will only increase frustration of not having more time during the day.

The bottom line is that managing social networks is not easy. We often hear news of success stories about publications and campaigns on social networks that have gone viral. That may send the wrong message, leading people to think that this is easily achieved. But success on social networks is not, by far, the norm.

Social network management can be expensive

Creating seemingly random paid campaigns on social networks without a strategic plan or goal in mind is the same as throwing money out of the window. When people do not know what they are doing, most social networks will take the money but will deliver a weak return.

Most business owners want “likes” because they heard that they will bring success. This is, unfortunately, far from the truth. If a campaign focuses on increasing likes”, that is the expected return – likes. If it focuses on “sales”, then that is what a company will get in return – sales. Still, one of the best tactics is to focus on getting new clients, instead of just focusing on increasing traffic.

In conclusion, the management of social networks need not be time consuming, frustrating or costly. In fact, it can be a very pleasant experience when well planned and implemented. The best advice is to invest your time and money on a plan for social networks, working with social networking management experts.


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