Sync OnSet Adds Technology to the TV/Film Creative Process

May 6, 2013

1:41 pm

Proof that no industry is beyond being re-imagining by technology, Sync OnSet is solving inefficiencies in the TV/Film industry. The goal of the product is to simplify the creative process during TV and film production. Wymsee, Inc, the Cambridge, MA-based team behind Sync OnSet, was inspired to build this product after talking to a costume designer who explained the tedious process of keeping track of everything on set. From there, they worked with Emmy Award-winning shows and Academy Award-winning teams to develop the ideal software across costume, makeup, and hair departments as well as security and production.

The current industry tools include paper and pencil, two-ring binders, photo sharing apps, and email. None of these tools are customized or optimized to help teams during TV and film production. The whole creative team needs to be on the same page in order for the production to go smoothly. In order to create the right tools, the team spent months conducting interviews of professionals in New York and Los Angeles.

“One of the coolest moments we’ve had came when we were brainstorming features with a costumer, and we witnessed a literal ‘Aha!' moment when she realized that we could automatically break down the script for her via our Automatic Script Breakdown feature.” – Alex LoVerde (CEO of Sync OnSET)

The end result was a single platform for collaboration: allowing multiple users to input photos and notes to one, living set book that all teams can contribute to and reference before, during, and after production. They are continuing to add features to make the tool better and more useful for these teams.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 1.24.47 PM

The production teams at Boardwalk Empire, AMC network, and Archorman: The Legend Continues are using this tool on set.

The team behind Sync OnSet is part of a larger movement of entrepreneurs who are looking to find niche tasks across industries and figure out how to optimize outdated processes with software.  Collaboration and communication are vital across industries. I’m curious to see how software can tackle those problems in the near future.

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