Build Your Startup Brand in 5 Minutes With Machine Learning

June 5, 2015

7:21 pm

Building a brand and building a startup go together like red beans and rice: you can have one or the other individually and boring, or you can fuse the two together to make an awesome dish. That is, while you spend time getting customers, scaling teams, or raising capital you still need to focus on creating a unique, eye grabbing brand that’s going to bring people to you.

It can be especially difficult for early stage companies that can’t afford to hire a designer or get bogged down by the daily grind of starting up. But that’s why Yali Saar, Tom Lahat, and Nadav Shatz founded Tailor Brands. They have dedicated their own brand to helping small businesses build their brand.

“When we started Tailor Brands we thought we'll only be designing logos for small business owners, real brick and mortar kind of places,” Saar explains. “To our great surprise we saw a much more diverse customer base from startups to freelance lawyers all the way to consultants and bloggers.”

I promise you, it’s not what you think it is because it’s done in a way you’re likely unfamiliar with. It’s a fully automated process that builds brands based on a machine learning algorithm, combining thousands of design rules and questions.

For example, it analyzes things like what style might work best for the industry you’re in or what colors complement each other the best. It’s all paired with semantic text analysis to learn what the specific business is all about and create the most fitting design for them. Or, as the team says, it mimics the thinking process of an actual graphic designer.

How long do you think this takes? I’ll give you a minute to consider…Ready? Five minutes.

That’s right, Tailor Brands can give anybody the power to design either a logo or a full brand identity in less than five minutes. It’s important to recognize though that the team isn’t trying to remove the need for a graphic designer though. Rather, they only want to supply an alternative for people who don’t want to spend a huge sum of money right off the bat and still want to get high quality designs.

“Branding is something that requires consistency throughout your materials. Unfortunately, consistency and quality tend to be very expansive with live designers,” says Saar, CEO. “You could compromise for cheap low quality branding, or you can search a different solution like machine learning. We wanted to empower everyone with great design even if they can't invest a lot of money right now.”

To showcase what Tailor Brands can do, the team took it upon themselves to complete a special project. They reimagined what the political landscape would look like if some of the current presidential candidates created their own brand, via their platform, to go after a younger generation of voters:





“At the end of the day, good branding can really help anyone who has a public facing side,” says Saar. “It's nice to see different people use Tailor Brands for different needs, whether it's an apple farmer in Germany, a lawyer in NYC, or a new garage startup in SF.”

Image Credit: Tailor Brands Facebook page


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