What It Takes to Make Instagram Work for Your Business

December 7, 2015

3:01 pm

Talk of any successful business today and you certainly won’t fail to notice how the business is exploiting social media platforms. There is a reason for that. Social media as it stands is all about connection. That is one science that has always influenced human reasoning and actions or reactions. Respected brands have mastered the art inside out. That explains why they invest in social media marketing as much as they do in other areas. Trends come and go. But the companies are never left behind. They keep up with the trends. Take Instagram for instance. It emerged as a force just the other day. It stands out today as a social media avenue that carries with it huge potential to turn clicks into leads. But just what does it take to leverage whatever comes along with Instagram as far as business is concerned? One has to first understand how it works and how to take advantage of it. Here’s how.


Instagram can appeal even to toddlers. It is after all, all about images. It has in fact been described as a social media platform designed to make everyone look pretty. Now think of it this way. It is common knowledge that people make up their mind within the first 20 seconds after they look at a product. They in fact decide whether they will buy the product or service. The same case applies to Instagram. Whatever you choose to post either to entertain or compel your audience to trade with you must strike a good first impression. Keep in mind that up to 80 percent of Instagram users are young people. They loose attention within seconds. Whatever you post on your Instagram business account must therefore appeal with ease.

Followers and Likes

It is easy to overlook this factor yet it carries more weight than most business owners and social media marketers know. It sounds strange but any Instagram account with more followers and likes will always attract more followers. The exact opposite is also true. Any Instagram account with just a handful of followers will attract just a sizeable amount of followers. So buy followers if you have to. But while at it, make sure you are investing in the right social media marketing company. You certainly don’t want to end up buying fake likes.

The Family and Home Factor

It is possible to start off your social media marketing project with lots of success. You can amass as much as a million followers who actively follow you and even buy your products. 6 months down the line and you could be on square one all over again. This happens, so don’t be surprised why and how it happens. There are two reasons that can explain why. First off, your Instagram followers need to feel appreciated. So give them a family or a home feeling. Customize some of your posts to keep up with the current trends and affairs. Get people talking on your account. Secondly, reward your followers occasionally.

The Wow Factor

The goal here is to keep people talking. It is all about ensuring you don’t have a spec of boredom on your account. This can be hard, because frankly speaking, people easily get bored. Then there is the fact that there is a limited number of posts you can make per day. Surprise your followers with a few things they don’t know about your business or about your services. If for instance you are a photographer, post stunning images of a well-respected photographer with a line or on strange facts about the photographer. You can also ask a few quizzes and reward a few followers who get it right with shopping coupons or free shootouts.


This is by far the most powerful hash tag a business can use. Think of it this way. You have a new product or even a new offer on a product you’ve had for long. Market the product and make it known to your audience that the offer is only valid for your Instagram followers only. Before long, you will have a massive following, which can be divided into two groups. There will be new followers out of curiosity. Then there will be new followers that will actually turn out to be leads.


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