TeamBuildr: Creating a Cyber Locker Room for Sports Team Success

March 4, 2013

9:00 am

One of the most important aspects in creating a successful sports team is consistency. That’s why TeamBuildr, an online strength and conditioning tool, plays an important role in helping team members make steady progress towards goals.

TeamBuildr was conceived when its founders, Hewitt Tomlin and James Peters, experienced challenges in the off-season of their collegiate sports team. When the team separated at the end of the season, it was difficult to maintain proper accountability, communication, and competition. Because it’s critical to prepare for the season, TeamBuildr was created to help track and monitor team progress.

TeamBuildr provides a wide variety of features to sports teams. The online platform acts as a data repository and distribution channel for coaches to create workouts for their athletes. Through TeamBuildr’s mobile app, athletes can access their workout schedule anywhere. Athletes track their progress using a built-in leaderboard and chart, creating a sense of healthy competition among their teammates.

Coaches can customize workouts for specific athletes. Additionally, TeamBuildr has photo and video upload capabilities to remind athletes of how to properly perform the exercises, which is a particular useful feature when athletes are away from their coach.

Finally, TeamBuildr provides a built-in social network for coaches and team members that make it easy for team members to interact and encourage each other, akin to a cyber locker room. Unlike many of its competitors, TeamBuildr’s differentiating factor is that it was designed equally as much for athletes as for coaches. This was intended to create a successful balance that improves overall team effectiveness and avoids overloading the coach with excessive features.

TeamBuildr serves eight schools, including Bowie State University, Johns Hopkins University, and Washington College. To date, more than 47,000 workouts have been completed using the TeamBuildr program. Through creating an easy solution that improves team accountability, communication, and competition, TeamBuildr will enhance the performance of sports teams throughout the country.

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