10 Tips and Tricks for Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

December 18, 2016

10:30 am

A digital nomad is an entrepreneur or remote worker who travels, as well as completes their work remotely. As startups and companies evolve to take on challenges of the digital age, embracing the ability to be a digital nomad is quickly becoming an asset to businesses who find that business takes them everywhere, or they want to be able to work anywhere they find themselves.

Two Digital Nomads

At the latest Fireside chat to kick off Global Entrepreneurship Week, sponsored by DispatchABQ and the City of Albuquerque, Travis Kellerman and Tamara Thorpe shared their ideas and tips on being mobile and running a business. They both run national companies out of Albuquerque. Travis Kellerman’s business, run under his name is where they build, consult, launch, and advise businesses; Tamara Thorpe is a consultant and speaker who runs “the Millennials Mentor.”

As the two of them agreed during the chat, it’s all about having a business that is location independent – being able to work anytime, anywhere. Having run their businesses from all over the world, they both had some great tips and tricks for anyone who is thinking about becoming a digital nomad.

Their Tips

  1. Consider whether you have the skill set to work remotely. Can you connect with clients, can you be disciplined, and are you a good traveler?
  2. Be willing to work hard. This is not glamorous. Yes, you travel, but you don’t get to spend all your time enjoying the sunset. There’s work to be done.
  3. Create structure to your hours. Schedule work time and time off.
  4. Tech Productivity tools can be used for good and evil! Make sure to take the time to disconnect.
  5. Consider removing email notifications from your cell phone so you’re not tempted to answer them during your time off.
  6. Never take your Mac Notebook to the beach! Those pictures you see of remote workers sitting at the beach, working on their laptop, that’s fantasy. You can’t see your screen, and you’ll get sand where sand doesn’t belong.
  7. Don’t get caught in “The despair of potential.” As an expert, you can imagine what’s going on behind the scenes wherever you go and what you could do to make things better. If it isn’t going to help your business succeed, don’t get caught up in the things you don’t have time for.
  8. If you’re a U.S. citizen, sign up for Global Entry! It costs a fee and there are some requirements but you get the short line to re-enter the U.S.!
  9. Understand that traveling is a statement. It’s a political act and we need to be aware of how we affect others when we travel.
  10. Learn the language as much as you can.

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