The Mavia Connected Car by Mavizon Technologies

Mavizon Technologies describes its product Mavia as a “connected car solution”. Simply put, it is a device that plugs into a port in your car (standard on all models after 1996) and sends information to the web. Combine that with geo-location features and apps for iPhone and Android, and you have on-the-go diagnostics, mapping, and OnStar-like monitoring rolled into one system. This may sound familar because Mavia was formerly called AutoBot and took home the CEA i-stage winnings this fall.

There are four main features of the system:

Security: If you are in an accident and your airbags deploy, Mavia can automatically send text messages with your GPS location to 911 and family members. Or, what if your car gets stolen? With Mavia, you can use a computer or smartphone to track the vehicle’s location and notify police.

Mapping, Monitoring, Directions & Connections: Get walking directions to your lost car, alerts when you teen’s car leaves a preset boundary, or a map view of friends’ locations based on their Mavia location or social media check-ins.

Permission-based marketing: The application is free due to a permission-based partnership with automotive service providers. Using the locations in which you frequent, as well as information based on your last oil change, the software will serve you a coupon to a local company that can provide that service.

Diagnostics: Since Mavia device plugs into your car’s diagnostics port, it will let you know (in plain English) what is wrong with your car. Use Mavia’s diagnostic features to be notified of needed service, keep track of maintenance schedules, and to learn how to drive safer and greener.

Mavia is in the late stages of development, and is accepting beta testers.  According to the company’s website, Mavia will be in local electronics retailers in 2011 with a price tag of less than $300. There is no monthly fee if you agree to the terms of service (i.e. advertisements.)

The planned iPhone and Android specific apps will be free for download.

Mavizon was founded by Marc Ingram in 2006, while working on a connected car device, then called Auto Attendant. As a student at the University of Louisville, Marc Ingram met Madison Hamman and the two began working on developing the device and building business relationships.  After passing on two term sheets worth over 2 million, Madison introduced Marc to the owner of Samtec Inc, a hardware technology company where Madison was working as an intern. Mavizon is now supported by parent company Samtec Inc. Corporate headquarters are in New Albany, Indiana.

If you’re at CES this week, visit Mavizon Technologies at CES booth #1334 or come see them as part of the Tech Cocktail Innovation Showcase at the CES Tweetup Friday night at the Space Quest Lounge, Las Vegas Hilton.

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