Marla Shaivitz not only writes about startups, she has experienced the startup life herself.

After a traditional career start in the PR department at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, she went to work for the first of three startup companies. The first is too brief to mention, the second, a firm with a web portal product for nonprofits and associations. After the proverbial dot com bubble burst and the company laid everyone off, Marla along with others in the group focused their energies on building a new company, providing Internet strategy and consulting to those in the association and nonprofit sector.

She continues to work with nonprofit organizations providing training, strategy consulting and web development. In addition to writing, Marla is a front-end developer and digital marketer who has participated in Startup Weekend, sat on the judges' panel for AngelHack NYC and tweeted from the White House during President Obama's State of the Union Address as part of the White House Social #WHSocial.


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