4 Marketing Tricks You Should Know About Google Analytics

You need Google Analytics to be a successful marketer. Whether it’s to get a jumpstart on your next campaign or to understand the different aspects of marketing, the use of this resource is imperative to learn what you can do for your business.

However, while Google Analytics is clearly as useful platform, there are many uncovered secrets that you can use to get more insight on what visitors are doing on your website. Here are four things you should know about Google analytics.

Customer Information

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve set up your advertising to drive traffic to your website. On most sites, you’ll be asked to type in age, demographic, and even location to make sure you are getting targeted amount of visitors to your website.

In Google Analytics, you can see who is coming to your website in order to understand the visitors and locations menu. Stats like average time on site and bounce rate are visible, giving you greater clarity on what is happening on your website.

Best Content

If you are producing content, you need to make sure it’s getting clicks. Luckily, under the content menu of Google Analytics, you can see exactly what pieces of content have done the best.

You can even sort by key metrics like page views, unique page views, average time on page, bounce rate, and the percentage that existed. Once you see this, you can gather data to learn what pieces of content have done the best and which ones were lacking.

Mobile Necessity

Many businesses start off by spending thousands of dollars on a full-fledged website and don’t know where people are accessing it. And with the growing popularity in mobile, there’s a good chance, it’s not on a desktop.

By only looking at the visitors menu you can see what types of devices are coming to your website. Not only does that give you data on who your customers are, but that if my site isn’t mobile optimized, I won’t benefit from those visitors.

Return on Investment

Very few in marketing actually calculate ROI on a regular basis. Luckily, with Google Analytics, you can quickly calculate the ROI through the goal setting metrics. In this you can quickly find which customer actions are resulting in the most revenue for you.

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