5 Tools You Need to Profit from Your Social Selling Campaign

December 24, 2016

2:30 pm

The scaling up process for your startup begins with social selling. With the increasing power of the Internet, companies and customers are going online to sell and shop with the ease and grace of experienced buyers.

Social selling, which is the application of social media in sales, facilitates business interactions and transactions in a smarter, simpler way. Now more than ever, your company’s sales team can weave social media into their marketing campaign and improve your ROI.

According to Sales for Life, 74.9 percent of companies that leverage social selling report a sharp increase in their sales team. But in order to incorporate social selling into your business, you need the right tools to help you through. Here are the five most effective ones:


PeopleLinx is not just another software that claims to power your social selling campaign; it’s a unique technology that supports your sales team with the right set of features to help them push, activate, and close a sale.

The system supercharges your social sales in different ways. Your sales team can use PeopleLinx’s clean content sharing feature to take your startup’s products in front of your prospect through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Also, when your sales team positions your brand on social media sites, two things happen: Your brand stands out as authoritative in your industry, and you stand the chance to generate quality leads, thereby increasing your sales cycle.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Another great tool for optimizing your marketing strategy and improving your social selling campaign is LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a powerful, effective tool that connects your sales team with your prospective customer.

The app is simple to use and has unique social selling features. It helps you find your targeted prospects, stay up to date on them, and bond with customers in pursuit of a more community-based sales funnel process.



This is a smart social selling platform that focuses on sales prospecting. Rather than wasting time hunting the wrong prospect, KiteDesk helps you get targeted leads within a short period of time.

The tool allows you to find the right contacts from social channels, import contact data into the CRM, and get targeted prospects on social media tools.



Created to push social selling, rFactr is one of the best technologists that facilitate B2B businesses online. Like KiteDesk and other social selling tools, rFactr supports businesses and helps them achieve a number of important results.

It can increase leads by connecting buyers and sellers in one platform and offers an array of collaboration and business opportunities through content sharing. It can increase employees’ sales productivity by helping sales reps get data leads, which helps them to not only target the right prospects but gain more knowledge and insight of their prospect’s buying behavior. It can even increase digital content sharing by letting you share content in real time with ease and target the right people at the right time.



Highly sophisticated high-end social CRM, Nimble is an excellent social selling tool that lets your sales team manage your business relationship with your customers. It does so by educating them with relevant information about your leads from multiple sources on the Internet.

It’s a smart social selling technology that your sales reps can use to see what your contacts are saying, engage with your prospects and close sales easily, and organize employees’ emails and social contacts in one place.



These are the five most effective tools your sales team can use to amplify your social selling campaign. When they make the best use of them, your sales team can reap many benefits: They can collaborate with your targeted buyers, engage them with valuable content, and make them know, like, and trust your brand, thus increasing your ROI.


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