5 Tools Startups Need As They Scale

June 9, 2017

7:15 am

The startup stack is a set of around 200 cloud-based tools that startups use to start and scale. It is the result of a joint survey that Tech City UK and Stripe conducted in 2016. The research also gleaned some insights into how startups are hacking growth. It turns out startups are supporting or getting support from fellow startups.

“[Other startups] have a deep understanding of our mentality and our desire to focus on what we do best and on growing really quickly while making our customer proposition better and better,” said Aron Gelbard, chief executive officer of Bloom & Wild.

Because of this trend, businesses can now start with just $5000. In 2000, a technology startup needed $5 million to launch. Isn’t that great news? But what are the top three qualities that you should look for in tools? According to the survey, your fellow startups looked into cost efficiency (72 percent), ease of integration (59 percent), and stability/reliability (56 percent) the most. Here are five tools that fit the bill:


Built for product people, as its tagline says, Mixpanel provides startups with analytics and marketing insights. In particular, it collects, tracks, and analyzes your application’s data. You get to measure engagement and understand each customer’s journey.

You also get to see where you’re losing users in the funnel, entice them to return with notifications or email, and experiment on how you can bring the optimal experience to them. In essence, it shares with you what it learns from your data. Through automation, it allows you to act quickly and develop your product for the better. It also allows you to write powerful queries to analyze your data.


Work with boards, cards, and lists that you can move freely and name creatively. These Trello features are flexible, visual, and easy to use. They capture the essence of working on an agile team.

Each member with the right access can add, modify, or remove board items. But whatever team, division, or business you belong to, you can definitely rely on Trello for managing and organizing projects. Like Canva, which democratized design creation, this tool made collaboration fun, simple, and fruitful.


This payment solution lists some of the biggest names in the tech scene as its investors. The roster includes PayPal cofounders Peter Thiel, Max Lechvin, and Elon Musk.

Strip aims to build a universal payments infrastructure for the internet. It dishes out an array of products catering to the needs of online sellers. The startup toolkit Atlas stands out. It simplifies the default steps that you need to establish a business, from handling the paperwork to visiting banks to observing legalities.

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is all about making maintenance modern and mobile. It helps empower your technician, keep your business assets ‘working like new,’ and manage work orders more efficiently.

Limble CMMS encourages routine preventive maintenance, citing that assets that undergo such process “can last up to 30% longer than their counterparts that received only reactive maintenance.” Plus, how cool is it that your technician can perform his tasks anytime and anywhere on a mobile device?


Forget about scanning or faxing your documents. Your approval or decision is just one digital sign away. With DocuSign, you can confidently sign, send, and manage documents online. DocuSign makes this possible through the introduction of the eSignature.

There is more to the tool than eSignatures. It paves the way to truly digital business processes, removing the friction that occurs when people, documents, and data are involved. It wants to rid your organization of old enterprise applications. Lastly, it promises more security and convenience in your transactions.

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