My Favorite Apps for Creating and Managing Passwords

December 1, 2013

12:00 pm

Mobile apps have become an important part of everyday life; people are communicating and managing much of their business with it. Most importantly, they can be easily accessed and managed with smartphones. Some mobile devices carry important information, like personal details and other important information. So it's important to secure your mobile apps and smartphones with secure passwords, so they are not used against your will. In this article, I have shortlisted my favorite apps for creating and managing passwords.

1. 1Password App

1Password is simply an excellent solution for secure data management for any user, regardless of their sophistication and the complexity of their needs. Its execution is virtually flawless, and a significant improvement over previous versions on all fronts. The app costs $18, so it appears a little steep at first glance.

However, this price is quite reasonable when you consider two things. The first is that a person who steals your passwords can basically ruin your entire life, both socially and financially. The second is that 1Password provides you with great support in case of emergency like, If your wallet is stolen, and you saved all sorts of details about your different cards and financial accounts in 1Password, getting out of a sticky situation are much simpler.

2. Last Pass App

Another great security app, Last Pass lets you organize all these files into folders and sub-folders. If you are having a weak connection, you can view, edit, though, and add your Vault for “offline login” on the home screen. Once you're back online, any changes in your web account will be automatically synchronized.  You can easily install bookmarks from the desktop, and then sync bookmarks.

3. Keeper App

Keeper App is a simple password manager, with a user-friendly interface and simple functionality. If you have not used this application before, today is an excellent starting point. This app takes your security seriously; it can be adjusted in less than five minutes, and it takes a lot less time to master.

4. RoboForm App

If you constantly forget your login information and want to manage your account safely, then RoboForm App is the app for you. It has quite advanced features and security options. Besides the usual features, such as password generator, form filler and password sharing on your account. RoboForm comes with a USB portable tool that allows you to travel safely, and access to your data can be provided quite easily, on your USB drive. It is also integrated with Dolphin and Firefox browser for mobile devices.

5. Msecure App

MSecure is another great security-based application that has advanced and innovative features with a user-friendly interface. It generates random passwords with different types of characters and numbers in a matter of seconds. These passwords are quite secured and cannot be stolen easily. The password generator comes with a conventional bar, which indicates the strength of the chosen password that helps user to choose password on the basis of password strength.

Guest author Rose Waring is a professional iOS app developer at a leading company in Dubai. She possess a lot interest in contributing blogs and articles in most featured mobile apps in market or which can be beneficial in many ways.

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