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Top 5 Newsletter Building Tools for Online Marketers

February 12, 2016

9:00 pm

Email is the foundation of any online marketing campaign, so we're always trying to become more efficient and effective when it comes to creating engaging newsletters that get results. If you've come this far, you're probably already familiar with some of the specialized email software which makes it practical to send hundreds or thousands of emails at a time. These apps help organize your contacts and build professional-looking newsletters your contacts will actually enjoy reading.

To choose which app best suits you, look past the general features that everyone offers. Even free apps will let you compose with limited templates and keep a small number of contacts.

1. GetResponse


GetResponse combines all the best efforts of other newsletter apps coupled with unrivaled convenience and accessibility:

  • Access to 1000+ photos from iStock
  • A/B testing with up to 5 different versions
  • Contact Boosters to import contacts from CRM apps, Paypal, and social media
  • Live previews of how your email will look on mobile devices and on PCs
  • Excellent landing page development

The incredible intuitive interface and 500+ templates will make creating a unique newsletter a breeze. With GetResponse you'll have access to your Edit History every step of the way, so you can craft from draft to final copy without having to keep multiple copies.

GetResponse offers all this and more with 24/7 customer support. You can contact one of their representatives by phone, email or live chat any time of the day for speedy reconciliation.

2. AWeber


If you want to get more subscribers or integrate your email campaign with your social media or ecommerce account, AWeber is a good choice. While it doesn't have as many editing and creative functions as other apps, it more than makes up for it by giving you options to expand your sphere of influence:

  • Comprehensive Sign-Up Form creation and test
  • Subscriber segmenting and tracking
  • RSS-to-email functionality
  • Integrate with Facebook, WordPress, Etsy, and Paypal for more contacts

Their anti-spam policy also ensures your emails reach your readers.

3. Campaigner


A straightforward app like Campaigner doesn't depend on bells, whistles or cute graphics to appease its customers. Instead, they offer superior tracking and statistical analysis to keep you in the know about your email's success. Their best features include:

  • Advanced email automation based on extensive triggers
  • SMPT Relay for transactional emails used with promotional emails
  • Static and dynamic segmentation options and in-depth activity analysis with Salesforce compatibility

Campaigner turns an impressive amount of raw data into simple graphs you can use to gain a better understanding of your readers and customers.

4. MailUp


If you have trouble keeping all your messages and updates straight, MailUp is here to help organize your online communication. Designed for people who have tens of thousands or even millions of contacts to keep track of, MailUp is all about keeping you informed at a glance.

  • Control SMS messages, newsletters, transactional emails, social media updates and more from one app
  • Convenient dashboard displays vital statistics and upcoming events
  • Flexible pricing structures that fit a variety of needs

The interface leaves a little to be desired relatively, but its flexibility makes up for its simplicity.

5. MailChimp


Based on pricing, MailChimp is a good choice for those who have fewer than 3000 subscribers. For a highly competitive rate at under 3000 contacts, MailChimp offers great, professional features you would expect from the other apps on this list. With excellent tools for beginners, MailChimp offers:

  • Email personalization tools
  • Account management and Snap apps for your mobile device
  • Quick set-up automation
  • Automatic contact removal for bounced emails and unsubscribes

Beginners will enjoy the free e-books and other resources available to them to learn the best marketing strategies and make the most of their new app.

These apps are designed to make it simple and stress free to manage your emails and contacts, so take into consideration where your business could improve. Let these affordable tools take the guess work out of your next newsletter or update.

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