Top 8 Last-Minute Tech Gifts for Your Employees

December 20, 2013

9:00 am

Searching for the perfect gift, especially at the last minute, can sometimes be a big challenge during the holiday season.

As a manager or the CEO of your startup, you want to find a way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to your company. To thank them this year, give them a gift that displays gratitude but is also something useful and practical they will appreciate.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect last-minute gift, check out these eight awesome tech gifts to give your employees:

1. Boomerang, varied plans

For the employees who like keeping their inboxes ultra-organized, Boomerang is perfect for keeping your emails neat and tidy. Boomerang is an app that allows you to schedule emails and set reminders, and there are different plans to choose from to meet your personal needs.

2. Digets, $9.95

During the winter months, it can be difficult to use your favorite mobile device. Digets are handy little pins you can attach to your gloves that allow you to text while keeping your fingers warm. If you have an employee who’s always texting on the go, this would be a great tech gift to give them this year.

3. Scribd E-Book Subscription, $10

For your employees who love reading, a one-month subscription to Scribd is a great gift to give. This month of good reads costs much less than purchasing one hardcover book, so any person who loves to read is bound to make great use of this gift.

4. Google Chromecast, $35

Google Chromecast is perfect for any employee who’s obsessed with streaming their favorite TV shows online. This little gadget plugs into any HDTV and allows you to stream online music and TV shows while controlling them from your mobile device.

5. Tile, $19.95

Do you have an employee who seems to misplace their car keys, wallet, or tablet around the office? Or do many of your employees bike to work? Well, Tile is the perfect little gadget to help your employee keep track of all of their gear. They can attach Tile to whatever they please and keep tabs on it by using the Tile app on their mobile device.

6. Pivot Power Mini, $19.99

This little gadget is perfect for the workplace that’s crunched for space. The Pivot Power Mini is a power adapter that provides you with two standard outlets, as well as a spot to plug in your USB device. Now your employees can have all their gadgets plugged in at their desk without taking up a lot of space.

7. Power Tube 2200, $39.95

This universal USB portable charger allows you to keep your gadgets fully powered whether you’re traveling for work or vacation. The Power Tube is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and is slim and lightweight. Your employees will be able to keep their smartphone, tablets, and cameras charged while on the go with this cool device.

8. Coin, $50

Coin is a handy device that behaves just like the cards you already carry in your wallet or purse. While this gift is on pre-order for 2014, it is still an excellent gift to give to any employee. Coin works with debit and credit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards. This is a great way to combine all your cards into one safe and convenient place.

Hopefully this list of tech gifts provides you with some inspiration for your last-minute holiday shopping. Show your employees how much they mean to you, as well as your company, by giving them one of these cool tech gifts this year!

What are your favorite tech gifts to give this holiday season?

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