Top 10 Highest-Funded Startups in 2016 So Far

April 13, 2016

2:11 pm

The first quarter of 2016 closed on March 31st, and while global funding has chilled in recent months, the US market has held steady in supporting burgeoning startups. The 2016 Venture Pulse report from CB Insights even specified that the top ten funding rounds in 2016 combined for over $3 billion.

However, US deals have fallen consistently over the last three quarters, including this one. This means that while smaller companies failed to catch investors eyes over the last year, better-established companies in Series C and beyond have been able to keep the momentum going, locking in more funding than previous quarters to date.

Feel free to check out this list below of the top 10 funding rounds in the first quarter of 2016 here, and get your self motivated your another year of huge funding rounds:

$794 Million – Magic Leap (Series C): A stealthy augmented-reality product developer. Photo:

  • $112 Million – Fuze (Series E): Cloud message, phone and video streaming service.
  • $165 Million – Jawbone (Series F): Consumer technology and wearable products company.
  • $400 Million – Oscar Health Insurance Co. (Series C): Technology-enabled health insurance provider.
  • $127 Million – DoorDash (Series C): On-demand food delivery service.
  • $175 Million – Snapchat (Series E): Ephemeral media messaging and sharing app.
  • $175 Million – Flatiron Health (Series C): Oncology data analytics and software provider.
  • $200 Million – Uber (corporate minority): Mobile car-hailing and logistics app.
  • $500 Million – Lyft (Series F): Mobile car-hailing and logistics app.
  • $430 Million – WeWork (Series F): Co-working space provider.


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