Essential Traits of the Most Successful Company Logos

July 31, 2015

9:00 pm

Whether you're a freelance designer who wants to give your clients a logo that catches the most attention or you're a startup founder who simply looking to create a company logo that's best representative of you goals, you'll need to know the essential traits behind successful logos. How do some classic logos like Coca-Cola seemingly go unchanged for decades, while others like Microsoft go through through changes in a span of a few short years? Udemy recently looked 50 of the most successful company logos and picked out the attributes behind a great logo.

Red and Blue Logos Dominate

According to Udemy, red and blue were the most popular colors used among the most successful company logos (with 14 companies using blue as a dominant color, and 11 using red). Blue, according to them, can evoke feelings of comfort or trust in consumers, while red evokes passion or a sense of aggression. Additionally, for the most part, companies with successful logos stuck to using one or two colors – with only seven of the top 50 utilizing three or more colors.


Rectangular, Flat Design Works Best

Udemy's observations show that most successful company logos featured a rectangle shape – with exactly half of the top 50. So, despite popular hipster sentiments involving the circle as a dominant shape, many logos stick to good ol' quadrilaterals. More importantly, though, 45 of the 50 top company logos had a flat design. This design trend is something rapidly being adopted by many companies, as a flat design works better on mobile devices. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple redesigned their logos to make them completely flat.

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Sans Serif Fonts are the Most Popular

Sans serif fonts seemed to be the most popular, according to Udemy. And, when they were used, they were usually used in upper or title cases. Calligraphic fonts were the least used. Udemy also observed that most successful companies had more than one version of their logo, which included: brand name only, name with icon, and icon only.


Amazon and Apple Logos are Consumer Favorites

Lastly, Udemy surveyed 1,000 people for their three most favorite company logos. They found that Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks had the most popular company logos – with men ranking Amazon in first place, and women ranking Apple in first.

If you want to create the best logo for your company, then make sure to follow some of these logo design principles.




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