You Need to Update All Your Apple Devices Right Now

A significant security vulnerability is affecting all Apple devices, so it's time to update all of them as soon as possible.

Don’t put off that Apple update any longer! Apple is warning iPhone, iPad, and Macbook users of a major security risk that could put your information in jeopardy.

While Apple devices are known for their security, there is no such thing as a 100% secure device, which is why keeping your phones, laptops, and tablets up to date is so important.

This is definitely the case for Apple devices today, as the company is urging users to update their devices as soon as possible to avoid being vulnerable to attack for too long.

Apple: Update Your Devices Now

Apple announced this week that a security risk was threatening its family of devices. That’s right, iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks are all at risk, and the company is insisting that everyone update their devices as soon as possible to mitigate the risk.

“An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.”

That sounds pretty bad, but it’s actually worse. Apple said that the vulnerability could allow hackers and other nefarious actors to gain “full admin access” over your devices, which as you can guess, is not good.

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. All you have to do is update your device to the most recent operating system and you’ll be on your way to a secure device. Just head on over to settings and find your software update button and you won’t have to worry about the vulnerability anymore.

How to Stay Safe Online

Keeping all your devices up to date is a good way to ensure that you’re protected from these kinds of vulnerabilities, whether you’re on a laptop or a smartphone, on Android or iOS. These updates frequently close security loopholes that hackers can exploit to gain access to your information.

Still, keeping you and your business safe online is going to take more than staying on top of your device updates. Unfortunately, hackers have gotten pretty advanced over the years, utilizing a wide range of strategies to compromise your security. From ransomware to malware, the average user typically doesn’t have the technical prowess to fend them off yourself.

Fortunately, there are tools out there that can help you keep yourself safe online without having to invest too much in a security professional (although if you’re a larger business, you should definitely do that). Password managers are a great start, allowing you to shore up your first line of defense against these kinds of attacks. Additionally, antivirus software is one of the more powerful tools that can nip these vulnerabilities in the bud.

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