Want to Improve Your Email Newsletter? Get a Free Analysis from Launchbit

January 22, 2013

12:00 pm

Today, email ad network Launchbit launched a free report card tool that grades your email newsletter and offers tips for improvement.

The report card looks at statistics like open rate, click-through rate, (un)subscribe rate, and spam complaints for your 2012 emails. Based on all that, you get a letter grade of A-F. It also compares your numbers to the average newsletter (based on over 300 million emails processed by Launchbit) – all in a handy dandy infographic.

This works even if you aren't a Launchbit user – you just input your login information for MailChimp, Constant Contact, or another service.

“My colleagues and I basically challenge all startups and anyone who's sending mass emails to make their emails more interesting and cut back on the clutter,” says cofounder Elizabeth Yin.

To improve your email marketing, the advice is pretty standard: make your content more interesting and funny (of course), and split-test your subject lines and introductions. But, according to Yin, split testing really isn’t feasible for small lists. Instead, she offers a few different suggestions:

  • Change your layout. Different layouts can highlight your call to action and improve “clickiness,” she says.
  • Figure out the right time for your list. Don’t listen to generic advice to avoid Mondays or Fridays, for example.
  • Send at a weird time, like 2:37 pm. Most newsletters are sent on the hour or half hour, so yours may stand out.
  • For subscribers who haven’t opened an email in months, take them off your list or reduce the frequency of emails.

Even though Yin is in the business of email marketing, she stills gets bored by all the mass emails in her inbox. So the next time you’re sending out a marketing email, think: “Would I actually open this?”

Launchbit infographic

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