4 Killer Tools Mobile App Development Teams Should Use

August 16, 2014

8:00 pm

We as a mobile app development team would like to update ourselves with the latest things coming in the market. Thus, knowing about some great tools that help you to develop more polished apps with modern technologies would make more happy.

Each mobile app development project has a purpose, such as monetization or user engagement. In simple, we can say these are the targets for your mobile apps. However, in order to achieve them you need proper tools during your mobile app development. With the out-of-box tools, you probably can't attain outstanding results.

Here are 4 of my top tools for mobile app development teams:

  • ParseThis tools provides everything you need to create the best user experiences for your mobile app programming project. Albeit, its specialty is providing powerful and scalable back end to your mobile app. You can get robust, functional, and easy to use back end for your project as well as integrate web and other third-party services without much hassle.
  • Kendo UI: This tool was designed for rapid and accurate mobile app development. Developers sometimes need assistance with UI Widgets and some Frameworks. Thus, Kendo UI can help you get some 70+ UI widgets and frameworks to make decent and smooth transitional UIs or screens. For instance, you can get widgets for data management, scheduling, layout making, data visualizations, and navigation aiding.
  • AppoxeeMobile marketing is vital to monetize your mobile app. Appoxee is developed by actual marketers for other marketers. The platform can help you increase the usage of your mobile app, increase user retention, and ultimately increase your revenue through conversions.
  • LocalyticsThis one is a great analytic tool with features like real-time engagement analysis, acquisition management, and funnel management – to name a few. The platform can be used for any mobile platform and provides complete data presentation tools in the form of charts and diagrams.

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