7 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App

June 13, 2015

10:00 am

We are in a digital era, and if your business still lacks a mobile app, then you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. In today’s hyper-competitive world, just having a brick and mortar shop and a company website isn't going to give you an edge over your competition. Nowadays, it's also a matter of ensuring you've got strategies in place for social media and online marketing. The most rewarding solution to this problem is to own a mobile app for your business.

Getting into the mobile app market is beneficial for a business owner in a number of ways. For one, such a strategy increases a business’s exposure to consumers and offers tremendous ROI. Moreover, the world has shifted from a focus on computers to one on smartphones. Here are 7 reasons why your business should invest in a mobile app.

1. Mobilegeddon

The update from Google on April 21, 2015 has changed the statistics of web page ranking over search engine results. The update has enhanced the ranking of responsive web pages, which means the websites that are easy to operate over smartphones will have a better ranking than purely destkop-supported websites. Therefore, a business whose website is not responsive will automatically decrease in Google's search ranking, ultimately a potential loss to profits for any business operating over the web. By implementing a mobile-friendly website, companies can earn a higher ranking and can continue to keep profits flowing.

2. App Indexing

By merely creating a mobile app, you get immediate access to app indexing. App indexing allows your app to be easily found in Google search results. As soon as the app is indexed, mobile users who are searching for the content related to your app will have an option to install your app in those search results. Having your app indexed also helps to increase visits to your website and keeps your customer base engaged.

3. Mobile Payments Trend

There's a growing trend in mobile payments, which makes sense considering they're a relatively secure option. Sensitive user data (such as account PINs, numbers, and passwords) required to make the payment is replaced by symbols. The customer does not need to share any of his sensitive data and thus there is no possibility of damage to his personal information. By creating a mobile app that has mobile payments enabled, businesses can benefit from the transaction fees made by their consumers and users.

4. Dominance of Mobile Use

Android Connected Device

Recent research shows that we spend 86 percent of their total day simply browsing through apps on their smartphones. Indeed, we spend an alarmingly high amount of time on our smartphones to a point at which companies are hoping to fight this addiction. Withal, a small percentage of this time could be directed towards specific apps that can further generate profit leads for a company. This is where an opportunity lies for your company to create a mobile app. The annual growth of time spent on mobile devices is only expected to increase, so it's essential that your company have a presence.

5. Your Competitor Has One

Mobile apps are now created frequently by a number of business owners, thus you need to ensure that your presence is better than that your rival does. Make use of responsive mobile apps to be ahead of your competitors in every possible aspect. It is important for you to go extra miles to get a mobile app created for smooth business operation.

6. Opportunity for Better Customer Service

Hands-down, having a mobile app is beneficial for your users and customers. An app offers a seamless medium through which users can connect and engage with your company. Having a mobile platform can also help a company offer a variety of products or services that can help to potentially enhance the lives of their customers.

7. Consistent Brand Identity

Creating and maintaining brand identity is easy maintain through mobile apps as it requires a smaller amount of money than other means. People are more likely to watch their handsets after a few seconds – something that is not possible with a desktop screen. By producing advertisements through mobile apps, a company can leverage their brand to increase their user base. Thus, mobile apps are a great way to get new leads and to maximize business profit.

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