Why You Should Take Noah Kagan’s AppSumo Course

June 27, 2013

2:45 pm

Most wanna-be entrepreneurs are trying to get funding and get connected to influential networks through startup accelerators such as TechStars and others. The thinking behind that is you need money and a network to build a startup.

On the other hand, AppSumo founder Noah Kagan started a DIY course named “Make Your First Dollar.” The course focuses on the entrepreneur herself more than the money, idea, influential network, or other aspects of a business. One could also interpret it as the step that comes before you need the money and the accelerator. If things really work out well, you might not need either.

Why should you enroll for the course?


This course starts by making you ask for a dollar from a friend by telling her you need it for a new business you are starting. Sure, anyone would give you a buck, but the results are astonishing. You ask for a buck and can generate more than that in no time. You also start to realize that your friends and colleagues are going to be there for you. It’s a confidence booster and really prepares you to build the next big thing.


Rejection therapy is one of the most vital parts of your entrepreneurial journey. Everyone fears rejection. This course gives you a fun way to get rejected and ingrains the fact that not only is rejection fun, but also essential for you to successfully build your business.


Before you build a company, you need an idea. A real problem to solve. You also need to validate your hypothesis. Kagan shows you multiple ways to generate ideas. Towards the end of this process, you have 35 business ideas. This might sound unreal, but it took me only two days to have generated that many ideas. All you need is common sense.


Each step of the course is very granular. At every step, you see the progress bar moving forward; sometimes it takes less than three minutes to accomplish a task. The course keeps you going with its feeling of accomplishment, informal videos, and funny tasks. For instance, it asks you to put up a poster in your building that says “[Your name] cleaning service” and wait for four hours to see if you get a call. By doing that, it teaches you that flyers do not work. More so, it takes courage to put up your name and number on that flyer.


The course asks you to vow to not build websites, business cards, and other goodies before you get your first three customers. This is a big mind-shifter for most people, I bet. Since you do not have a website, you have to talk to people one-on-one or make a public social media announcement for your friends. This itself brings you out of your shell into the open. It certainly does help you validate your idea and ensures you do not shy away by sending out a URL to friends and waiting for something to happen. When you talk, you get the necessary insights.

I strongly recommend you take this course if you ever plan to become an entrepreneur. As a morale booster, it is supported by Tim Ferriss, the man behind The Four-Hour Work Week. You probably don’t need the funding and influential network for your business. You need to be ready for success, and this course has a higher chance of giving you that break.

Good luck to you in building your business.

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Jinesh Parekh is the CEO of a Ruby on Rails consulting boutique, Idyllic. Idyllic focusses on building web and mobile solutions led by user experience design that solves real business problems. You can reach out to Jinesh at jparekh [at] idyllic [dot] co.