XNSPY is the Parental Control App You Need

November 6, 2015

7:00 pm

One of the main issues with the majority of parental control apps is the predictability and similarity of their graphical user interface (GUI). The way kids use smartphones and Internet nowadays is much more complex and difficult than those parental control apps, which makes it easier for the kids to circumvent the limitations imposed by such apps.

With this in mind, there is now a somewhat new parental control app that solves all these problems. Claiming to be one of the most advanced parental control apps on the market, XNSPY is a fully featured “mobile spy software”, all of them very useful to serve that specific purpose.

XNSPY's power comes from the wide array of features it provides. It allows the monitoring of contacts, phone calls, SMS, instant messenger chats, tracking of GPS location, emails, calendar entries, photos, videos, and all online activity in general. It also features a call recorder, as well as a way of remotely controlling the target smartphone or tablet – for example, toggling audio alerts, which will produce high alert noises.

All parents have to do is to install the app on their kid's smartphone and, after that, data from the phone will start to be shown on a (private) web based portal. Its advanced features allow parents to better control the lives of their kids, in order to ensure their safety.

XNSPY is a very useful app for parents worried about the safety of their kids but also has other applications, such as employers trying to get a closer control on the activities of their employees, for example. Of course that it can be used in a negative way, but that is a moral question not to be debated here.

If you are in any of those situations and, hopefully, want to use such an app with good intentions, then XNSPY might just be the ideal solution for your needs. Take a look on XNSPY’s site to learn more about its prices and what smartphones it works on (most of Android and iOS phones, let it be said).

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