A Portable Washing Machine That Doesn’t Run on Electricity

April 28, 2015

6:00 pm

There's a great subway ad that goes something like “When there's a washer and dryer in your apartment it means you've made it.” It's some brilliant copy, but it's also very real for us grown adults; for those living in major urban centers, having a washer and dryer in your unit is definitely one of today's American dreams. Well, luckily, we can all soon achieve at least one-half of that dream with Yirego‘s portable washing machine, Drumi.

Yirego's Drumi is a compact, portable washing machine that will clean up a few days' worth of clothes  – and all without having to plug it into an electrical source. The 22-inch tall washing machine uses about two gallons (five liters) of water and is powered with, well, your foot. The washing machine spins via a foot pump and can clean clothes in as little as five minutes. When your clothes are as clean as you want them to be, you simply press a button to drain away dirty water from the Drumi. From there, you just have to find a way to dry your clothes.

The Drumi is a pretty great solution for something that many of us are missing in our lives. Plus, because it's so small and portable, it's great for camping trips and other road trips when you won't necessarily have immediate access you a washing machine. The sad part? It won't be available until July of next year.

You can pre-order the Drumi now until June 29 for $129.

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