YouEye: User Testing So Easy Even Your Grandma Could Do It

February 23, 2011

5:15 pm

Arlington, Virginia-based YouEye introduced their user testing application at today’s Launch Conference in San Fransisco, clearly demonstrating to the folks out west that there is innovative and original thought taking place on the this side of the Mississippi.

YouEye, founded in 2010 by CEO, Kyle Henderson and CTO, Derek Carter is a SAAS application that creates a crowd sourcing environment for application user testing.  According to the founders, YouEye is an online eye tracking technology that provides Web professionals with high quality user test videos and powerful analytics for any website. Web professionals can learn where users look and what they see with only a webcam and browser. Users are asked to complete simple tasks while their screen, webcam, and mouse activity are recorded. These recordings can then be reviewed as videos or special visualizations called gaze tracks, heatmaps, and fog maps.

YouEye boasts that their testing scenario is so simple even your grandma would make a great tester (note: no testing for cave people have yet been attempted).  After seeing the YouEye presentation, Silicon Valley veteran Dave Goldberg, CEO of Survey Monkey and a judge at today’s conference, favorably expressed, “I think it’s definitely very interesting. I think people need this to understand what their users are doing.” He went on to say that the challenge will be to prove the performance of YouEye’s reasonably priced solution favorably compared to very expensive, head-mounted, proprietary hardware in common use today.

Eye tracking from YouEye

Eye tracking from YouEye

YouEye’s Henderson was pleased with today’s launch at Launch. Between unveiling their website today and the Launch presentation, Henderson said that they had received mid-three-digit requests for betas and he expected to have over 1000 requests by the end of the day.

YouEye is privately funded and is currently negotiating terms for their first seed round of funding. They will be meeting with additional potential investors out west this week.

Next week, YouEye will be presenting at Cooley’s Capital Call on March 9th.

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