Young Entrepreneur Merges Digital and Real Life Combat Gaming with Overwatch App

December 10, 2014

10:00 am

It's ‘Game Time. For Real' for Overwatch App.

The guys behind the Overwatch real-life combat gaming app have their sights set on success and they are proving that they are in the game to win it!

Last year, as a high school junior, Josh Moody had a life-changing idea that led to the development of his company. What if I can create a real-time, GPS-integrated app that allows real-life combat gamers to expand their experience in the field to more closely mirror the digital gaming dynamic? At his dad’s encouragement, Josh and an app developer sat down at his family’s dining table. Within hours, the Overwatch concept was mapped out.

“Even as the developers, we were blown away by how much more immersive our games became when we used Overwatch,” said CEO, Josh Moody. “We can't wait for gamers everywhere to experience it for themselves.”

Once installed, the mobile app allows players to locate team members and opponents on the field via GPS technology. The app also makes use of Bluetooth technology to enable various additional features similar to an online gaming environment. Josh and team have also created a mobile device mount which attaches to paintball, laser tag or other Airsoft guns. The mount secures the mobile device to the gun while gaming and folds flat against the gun when gaming app functions are not required.

The ARK Challenge Helps Overwatch Get Off the Ground.

After the initial idea stage, Josh joined and won the ARK Challenge, a startup bootcamp and accelerator program which exposed him to initial investors and strategic partnerships necessary to bring his product to market.

“On a personal level, the ARK Challenge equipped me with all of the knowledge and resources I needed to succeed in running my company day to day.  The mentorship provided was second to none, and I credit what Overwatch was able to accomplish in those first 14 weeks directly to that,” said Moody

2014 has been an exciting year, Josh says. After launching his business and winning the ARK Challenge, the young CEO wrapped up high school, graduating this past spring. What’s next? Josh says that the initial app development is done and by leveraging a key strategic partnership, the Overwatch device should be on store shelves in early 2015.

What Was the Biggest Lesson for Overwatch CEO, Josh Moody?

It's been a whirlwind journey from ideation to implementation for the young entrepreneur and his fledgling company.  “No matter how old you are or how much you know about starting a business, if you have the drive to succeed and you seek the guidance of those around you, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish,” Moody encourages potential entrepreneurs.

The future looks bright for the young CEO and his enterprise. The company tagline truly sets the tone for the future success of Overwatch: “It’s game time. For Real!”

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