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Why Should We Care About Blockchain?

Not too long ago, the average person knew nothing or very little about blockchain. In fact, even the average person today is likely still be wondering what it is. However, the need for this technology has emerged, with the necessity to solve issues of…


Is Ecommerce Ready to Embrace Blockchain?

To anyone who has made ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Netflix a daily or even weekly destinations for their online shopping and entertainment needs – the process of paying for what lays in the shopping cart is probably the most abstracted aspect of…



Why Investing in Bitcoin Is Still a Good Idea

Bitcoin is the financial asset that’s performed better this year than any other currency, commodity or asset in general. Several factors are helping with this, and many sources reported that 2016 could actually have the perfect setting for this cryptocurrency to break its …


Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet: The Basics

If you want to use Bitcoin, one of the first decisions that you will have to make is which wallet you will be using to store your Bitcoin and make transactions. As Bitcoin is an electronic currency not controlled by a central authority, it…


A Layman’s Guide to Bitcoin

In late July, US customs officials refused entry to British developer “Doctor Nefario,” who had only $600 in cash and planned to pay for his two-month visit in Bitcoins. According to his blog post: “I was questioned and cross examined on […] how I…