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IdealSeat Can Help Baseball Fans Catch Foul Balls

Top of ninth: With a decisive thwap! Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo hit a two-run shot that sent him and his teammate Kris Bryant home, securing a triumphant Game 6 win in the 2016 World Series. Rizzo’s homer sailed over the right field wall, sealing a victory…


How Astronomer Is Helping to Bridge the Big Data Gap

No one is questioning the fact that data science is here in a big way, and it’s growing fast. Today, data science ninjas are perhaps the most sought after talent on the market. For those who aren’t clear on what exactly a data scientist does, data…



Why you should store your data in 3 separate locations

No one can accurately predict when a disaster is going to strike, but flash floods, power surges, fires and other catastrophes can severely cripple a business for days, weeks and sometimes permanently. In fact, 25 percent of businesses never reopen after experiencing a major…


The Impact of Big Data on the Efficiency of Startups

A huge number of companies are leveraging big data to improve their business. They come from multiple niches – from fashion to space exploration, and businesses are diving deep on using big data to solve problems. The expression used to be “show me the …


Use of Big Data in the Insurance Industry

Big data is, more and more, a resource that no area of knowledge and business is leaving unattended. The subject has been previously covered here on, including the application of big data in call centers, but this article will focus on yet another…


Dedicated Server Hosting vs Cloud Hosting: How to Decide

Considering the current rate at which the cloud computing industry is prospering in the IT industry, the choice between dedicated server or cloud hosting solutions quickly became a topic of discussion. There are, literally speaking, thousands and thousands of forums, blogs and …