Tech Cocktail Week

Tech Cocktail Week In Vegas

Tech Cocktail Week is a series of tech focused events that take place in downtown Las Vegas the second week of every month.

The week brings in ~25 guests from across the tech landscape, from around the globe, to visit downtown Las Vegas for a special retreat. While checking out the Downtown Project, in downtown Las Vegas, guests will also be asked to share some inspirational thoughts and knowledge from the field. Some guests will even act as mentors to the local tech startup community.

The goal of Tech Cocktail Week in Las Vegas is to bring together and amplify all that the downtown Vegas community has to offer, while also offering a retreat from the normal routine for a special group of out-of-town innovators, tech entrepreneurs, investors and startup founders from around the country. It is our hope that guests and attendees alike are inspired, have meaningful shared experiences and learn from each other during this week of technology, thought leadership and idea exchange.