TechCo Top Stories: Green Energy, Same Day Delivery, and Holiday Gift Guides

November 17, 2017

3:50 pm

What makes a top story so amazing? Is it the compelling language, the engaging topic, or maybe even the beautiful pictures? Who knows! What we do know is that every week, TechCo publishes dozens of stories and it’s hard to catch them all. Luckily, we make this little list to give you a breakdown of some of our more popular posts. Check out the top stories below and we’ll see you next week!

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Here Are This Week’s TechCo Top Stories:

  1. Treat Your Pets Anywhere with Furbo [Review]
  2. Thumb, Face, and Now Sweat Can Unlock Your Phone
  3. Travel Made Easier with GoBaby, the Airbnb for Baby Gear
  4. This Backpack Traveled Over 100,000 Miles With Me
  5. Meet the 21 Semifinalists for the Women’s Safety XPRIZE Competition
  6. 10 Best Countries for Doing Business
  7. 20 Most Competition Startups, According to AngelList
  8. How Saudi Arabia’s $500 Billion Megacity Could Be the Future
  9. At Least We Can All Agree That Green Energy Is Cool
  10. How Facebook Is (Still) Betting on Virtual Reality

Holiday Gadgets

  1. Buying a Drone? Here’s What You Need to Know First
  2. Gift Guide 2017: Fitness Tech and Wearables

Learn Something New

  1. 8 Essential Mac Software Tools to Buy Before Black Friday
  2. No More Excuses: Learning to Code Is Easier Than Ever

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