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Best Web Design Companies for Small Businesses

September 3, 2018

11:37 am

A big part of scaling up your business is simply being attractive enough to your target audience. And that means your website needs to look the part. Updating an existing website or creating a whole new site is one of the best ways to turn a functioning business into a thriving one. The best web design companies can give you exactly the site you want, and help you achieve your business goals.

Today's web-savvy consumers can instinctively recognize a high-quality business from first impressions alone. An out-of-date website could turn away potential clients and customers immediately.

Remember – online interest translates into converting customers, including in the offline world. By one count, an impressive 91 percent of customers wound up visiting a store due to an online experience. Even if your business is online-only, having a slick, professional website is key to convincing potential customers that you know what you're talking about.

Of course, if you're running a business, you may not have the time or expertise to design a website yourself. If you need a great website, fast, the best option is to let the experts build one for you. Here's a quick rundown on the best web design companies to consider.

In This Guide

Best Web Design Companies

What do you look for in a web design company? What types of design is each one best at? It can be tough to tell. After all, their own websites should seem equally well designed! Here's a quick look at the best web design firms out there, along with what you can learn from their backgrounds.

      • Hibu  — a digital marketing company that can also produce custom-built websites
      • Volusion — a design company that focuses on ecommerce business websites
      • Madwire — a software and service hybrid web design company
      • Mettrr — this web design service promises to build your entire website in under 48 hours
      • — one of the most experienced web design companies in operation today
      • Adzooma — a Google-certified website-building company focused on conversions
      • 22 Point Six — a WordPress-centric designer and developer; offers the first year of hosting free
      • Otroit Consultancy — a company that specializes in corporate website design
      • bOnline — a web design company for businesses that offers price-matching and ongoing support

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The Hibu websiteHibu's digital marketing solutions go beyond websites. The business can handle search engine optimization, display advertising, social media marketing, online reviews, and listings management. If you're looking for an all-in-one online marketer, you're in good hands.

The modernized, custom-built websites themselves are still the main product. Hibu promises sites that are secure and easily adjustable, with a responsive design – so they'll look great on mobile. Customer service is a highlight: The company offers a free, no-obligation consultation to potential clients.

Hibu's focus on local businesses in the U.S. has given it experience with hundreds of thousands of business websites, making it a great fit for small business owners trying to scale up their operation.

The volusion logoVolusion

The Volusion websiteOperating since 1999, Volusion specializes in building ecommerce business websites. Over 180,000 entrepreneurs have opted for Volusion's services in its nearly two decades of trading.

The highly customizable websites from Volusion put all the sensitive decisions in the business owner's hands. You'll get to decide the page layout, employ in-page editing, and include a search box that will turn up results from across your website.

The behind-the-scenes interface lets you “drag & drop” content blocks to quickly reposition social media, videos, or customer testimonials.

The Madwire logoMadwire

The Madwire websiteMadwire's two focuses are marketing and design, which is where the “mad” in its name comes from. The Colorado-based web design company launched in 2009, and is devoted to growing small businesses.

As a software and service hybrid, it offers both the initial website design itself and ongoing support.

Advertising is a major focus at Madwire. Its services include top placement ads, retargeted ads, socially targeted ads, and local listings. Madwire is a solid option for a local business owner with little online expertise who's hoping to explore new advertising options as well as burnish their website branding.

The Mettrr logoMettrr

The Mettrr websiteAre you particularly strapped for time? Mettrr just asks for a single phone call to figure out your needs, and will then build an entire website for your small business within the next 48 hours. And, after the site is finished, clients can request unlimited additional tweaks.

Unlike DIY web design companies that expect you to have a hand in the initial layout decisions (such as Volusion, above), Mettrr does it all itself.

You could have a fully modernized web presence within a couple working days, all while focusing on doing what you do best – running the rest of your business.

The logoThe has served millions of customers over the past two decades, making it one of the most experienced web design companies still in operation.

It offers three different website options.

      • You can have make you a site from scratch, complete with mobile-friendly design and copywriting optimized for online searches
      • You can do it yourself with's support, thanks to a website coach who can walk you through the process
      • Or, you can opt for a customized WordPress site, which runs on the seperate WordPress platform that's familar to many.

This helpful range of services makes a strong choice, since it has something to appeal to all sorts of business owners with different amounts of web design experience and time to invest.


The Adzooma websiteThis advertising agency's website-building services focus on customer conversions. This business-minded approach makes Adzooma one of the best web design options for owners who know they have a large potential audience base, and want a funnel sophisticated enough to pull them in.

Adzooma builds the website itself, plus offers ongoing maintenance and updates to cut down even further on the effort you need to put in.

The company has a Google Partner badge, a sign that it's certified in Google AdWords. This means your website should be poised to capture plenty of Google traffic.

The 22 Point Six logo22 Point Six

The 22 Point Six websiteA UK-based company that's worth crossing the pond for. 22 Point Six offers clients their first year of website hosting for free when bundled with the website design and development costs.

Its websites are primarily built on the WordPress CMS, though it create sites on other tools when requested.

For those without any prior website knowledge, 22 Point Six has training sessions available to coach clients through everything from managing inventory to adding new products to a store.

The Otroit logoOtroit Consultancy

The Otroit websiteThis company, also operating out of the UK, is a smart option for corporations. One of its focuses is corporate website design, along with a raft of additional types, from static and dynamic to custom and template.

The CMS range doesn't stop at WordPress, either. The Otroit team can design for Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, and Opencart, as well.

Graphic design is another area that Otroit handles with experience. The website touts “clear and fixed pricing,” so you shouldn't be caught off-guard by unexpected hidden fees.

The bOnline logobOnline

The bOnline websitebOnline builds business websites that emphasize two factors – they are highly Google-optimized, and they're dead simple for the business owner to edit at his or her leisure.

This combination of a business focus and an easy-to-use interface put this web design company in the running for the best you can choose.

Add in the service's ongoing training and support options, and you've got a real contender. It has a price-match promise as well, so keep that in mind as you consider your other options.

How to Choose a Web Designer

When looking for the web design company that's right for you, consider the three value-ons that you're paying for.

      • How complicated is the design?
      • What functionality will the site need to have?
      • And how many webpages in total will the site hold?

Then, ensure that the design company you're interested in has done similar websites in the past, and has the expertise you need. The right company should be your partner in designing the site. They'll need to listen to your input, and you'll need to consider their expertise.

Above all, be prepared to spend a little time clearly explaining your needs and ambitions for your website. A good web designer will take the time to understand your business, and you as a client. That way, you can be sure they'll deliver you a website that achieves exactly what you need it to.

Check out our “What Makes a Good Website” article to learn what structure and design principles are essential.

Finding an Affordable Web Designer

A website is like your store front – if you just pick the cheapest option, you'll turn customers away and lose money in the long run.

The price for designing your site should never be “off the shelf”. A quality web design company will always give you a bespoke quote for your exact needs.

However, a few ballpark prices are industry-average. For example, if you just need a simple brochure-style site with just a handful of pages, don't expect to pay more than $500. If you need a website with advanced ecommerce functions such as the ability to track customer orders, or additional support features, you might pay as much as $3,000.

Visit our “How Much Does a Website Designer Cost?” page for a more detailed look at the most common types of website designs and their pricing ranges.

Hopefully, our analysis has helped you settle on one or two of the best web design companies for your unique business needs.

The next step to take? Getting a quote that's right for you. Visit TechCo's web design quotes page for a fast path to contact the best design companies with just a minute of your time.


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