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Hibu Smart Sites – Everything You Need to Know

July 16, 2019

10:57 am

Hibu’s Smart Sites are designed to make your website as attractive as possible to search engines and voice assistants, in order to improve your business’ traffic and attract more customers.

Hibu promises that its method of website development will give your site a competitive advantage by appearing closer to the top of Google search results. In fact, some 80% of websites don’t make use of the ‘Schema’ code that Hibu employs to give you better search engine rankings.

Of course, these Smart Sites are designed to appeal to human eyes, as well as Google’s algorithms. As such, when you make your site with Hibu, you’ll get a bespoke site that looks good on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Smart sites also serve as the central hub for online businesses, syncing with Google My Business, Facebook Pages, and more.

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  • Great for creating good-looking websites
  • Ideal for businesses that want to leverage search engines to drive customers
  • Works with loads of other online platforms, making your life easier

Read on for more about Hibu. Or click here to start redesigning your website now.

What Are Hibu Smart Sites?

Hibu provides digital marketing services to local businesses in the US, creating everything from website development and social marketing to display advertising. Its new Smart Sites are the latest innovation from the company, giving busy business owners a class-leading site, without them sinking their own precious time into the complexities of coding.

Each site is uniquely developed for your company, with designs based on best practice from other sites in your industry. This will make it easier for customers to navigate your site, increasing the chance that they will convert into leads.

Smart Sites also feature some super-smart coding, to help your sites appear closer to the top of Google’s search results. Hibu has developed a system for making more information easily available to Google, giving your site a leg-up over the competition. Your site will also appear more trustworthy to regular people, which is a nice bonus.

But if you’re worried that a website is just another thing to keep updated, fret not. Hibu’s Smart Sites communicate with other online marketing platforms, meaning that you only have to update information on your smart site, which will then automatically update Google My Business and Facebook Pages, for example.

Hibu will also give you full tech support for your Smart Site. There’s also a 24/7 analytics dashboard, so you can track how many people have visited your site.

How Much Do Smart Sites Cost?

Typically, Smart Sites start from $99 per month (plus set-up fees), depending on the type of site you require.

That’s cheaper than employing a professional company to build your own site, and you’ll be getting a high quality site to boot. Plus, you’ll be saving time over a DIY website builder option.

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Should You Use Hibu Smart Sites?

If you run a small business, and are in need of a new website, then yes. A Hibu Smart Site should give your business a useful leg-up over the competition.

Thanks to its auto-update feature, a Smart Site would be an especially good fit for anyone who has multiple online marketing channels that they need to manage.

The best next move you can make is to understand how much a Hibu Smart Site could cost for you. We recommend taking just a couple of moments to fill in our Web Design Price Quotes Tool – that way, you can get a personalized quote to help make your mind up.

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