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Tech Cocktail

Technology Is Changing Driver’s Ed for the Better


I can’t believe it was legal for the 16-year-old version of me to drive a car whenever I wanted. As if in response to my hindsight, state governments have cracked down on youth driving since that amazing day when, suddenly, I was given a plastic card that let me drive on the same roads as… Read more »

The Rap Test Partners With Nas and Coinbase


The Rap Test has been continuously releasing new quizzes on their platform for a while now, featuring different rappers for users to test their knowledge . Today they announced a new partnership with Coinbase and one of hip hop’s most legendary rappers, Nas. If you’re unaware, The Rap Test is a platform designed specifically to test your… Read more »

The LinkedIn for Real Estate Professionals, RealConnex, Raises $3.5M in Series A Funding


Miami-based startup RealConnex announced today that it has raised $3.5 million Series A financing round led by Star Capital. RealConnex connects the real estate ecosystem in one online platform, so professionals in the industry can have access to each other and scope out opportunities, in real time. According to The Starting Gate, the new funding will be used… Read more »

Are We Prepared for the Future of Cyber-Attacks?


At this point we’ve all heard the big news announcement from Sony Pictures: they decided to officially pull the plug on Seth Rogen and James Franco’s new comedy flick “The Interview“. It was supposed to hit theaters on December 25, but it’s looking like it might not hit theaters at all, let alone our On-Demand… Read more »

mxHero Integrates Citrix ShareFile For Better Email Management and Cloud Storage


San Francisco-based startup mxHero announced that their Mail2Cloud product suite now supports Citrix ShareFile, a secure file sync and sharing solution, for better email management, security, and collaboration. Those using ShareFile users can now seamlessly connect and integrate their email and cloud storage services using Save & Share, Retriever and Fusion. “We’re thrilled to bring… Read more »

Invisible Children to Shut Down in 2015: Lessons for Entrepreneurs


This week, the nonprofit organization best known for the KONY 2012 campaign, Invisible Children, announced that it will close its San Diego, California, headquarters and cease operations by 2015. In 2012 they became famous with their campaign to “End a War” in Uganda and find Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a violent Christian fundamentalist group led by Joseph Kony. The… Read more »

Mobile Security Platform LaunchKey Announces $3M Seed Funding


Cyber security and the subsequent cyber terrorism is today’s hottest topic. That’s why the announcement that Las Vegas startup LaunchKey, the first decentralized mobile authentication and authorization platform built for the post-password and Internet of Things era, has closed a $3 million seed funding round is especially exciting. Geoff Sanders, President and CEO of LaunchKey, released this statement in… Read more »

12 of the Coolest Tech Kickstarters to Support This Holiday Season

Tech Kickstarters to Support This Holiday Season

Do you know what’s easier than buying physical objects as gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah? It’s even easier than buying gift cards (well, maybe equally easy, since gift cards can be emailed nowadays)! Ok, well, whatever: this holiday season, make life a little less stressful by giving back to some cool tech Kickstarters. Supporting tech… Read more »

14 Startups to Help You Survive the Winter Holiday Season


The winter holiday season is always stressful: from the weather to the wide expanse of time surrounded by family, really there’s no reprieve around this time of the year. I mean, come on, Christmas shopping? What the hell? When did we come up with these things? Is this historical account accurate? Do I blame Santa?… Read more »

Scrum Methodology Is for Everyone — Not Just Engineers


In “Silicon Valley,” there’s a scene where Jared, the uptight business adviser, attempts to extoll the virtues of scrum methodology to his pack of misfit programmers. The two engineers stare blankly at Jared as he manically shows them his carefully aligned wall of Post-it note tasks. It’s a funny scene, but it also accurately depicts… Read more »

Happy Hour, Delivered: eCommerce’s Final Frontier


In need of a holiday cocktail to warm you up? Don’t want to brave the elements on your way to the liquor store? Joy of joys: eCommerce finally has an answer for this particular first-world problem. Now you can stay snuggled up by the fire and simply reach for your smartphone. Now there’s an app… Read more »

How Public Is Your Private Information? [Infographic]


We share way too much personal information online. Sometimes, information that is not meant to be public is made without us even noticing. Even when we think we are being careful with our online data, but even some basic searches can piece your private life together. Want to know how? Check out this infographic:  … Read more »

Circa Announces the Most Followed News of 2014


Ever since they decided to build for mobile first Circa has been the leading media organization that’s totally optimized for mobile news. Today they announced to the world the most followed news stories of 2014. Per their app data, via the ‘Follow’ feature, Circa’s list reflects the stories that readers cared the most about. When… Read more »