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Personal Launches Fill It Mobile at #pii2014


The Crowne Plaza Palo Alto hotel in Silicon Valley is today hosting the 2014 Privacy Identity Innovation (#pii2014) conference, which focuses on the latest developments in areas like mobile, biometrics, the Internet of Things, and big data. Attendees will get an earful of trends and businesses driving the personal information economy while also receiving guidance… Read more »

Top 4 Reasons to Switch to a Treadmill or Standing Desk


On Tuesday, November 18, Tech Cocktail is holding TechShop’s DC Maker Event: Learn How to Build & Launch a Hardware Product Company where attendees can learn about the Maker Movement, explore TechShop DC-Arlington‘s various tools and resources, and speak with industry experts and current TechShop members. We work a lot – we all do, but… Read more »

VIDA: Fashion Made With a Touch of Social Good


VIDA is a San Francisco based e-commerce platform that unites socially responsible shopping with a unique manufacturing model that bridges the gap between designers, artists, producers, and consumers. Yesterday they proudly announced the successful close of a seed funding round in which they raised $1.3 million. The investors in the seed round included Google Ventures, The… Read more »

Chicago Made: Learning Marketplace Announces Funding

curiosity cover, originally launched in January 2014 by Discovery Communications, is a consumer-centered online marketplace that features the best learning-based content. They have announced that the ownership of the company will change from Discovery to an independent company, Beacon Solutions, Inc. Also announced was a $6 million Series A funding from Discovery and four Chicago investors: Pritzker… Read more »

Drones Perform the Dull, Dirty, or Dangerous Work


There are a lot of names that we give to drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely piloted vehicles, and unmanned aircraft systems are most technically what they are, although sometimes they might be called by their design style, such as quadcopters and multirotors. The reason that the term “drone” is so commonly used is because this… Read more »

Hate Waiting for Valet? ‘Request A Car’ Using CurbStand App


Los Angeles-based CurbStand, the app that allows users to seamlessly locate, pay and tip for valet parking from their mobile devices, today unveiled a brand-new consumer app with new on-demand features, such as allowing drivers to ‘Request A Car,’ among other enhancements. In tandem, CurbStand launched a companion app exclusively for valet operators to communicate directly… Read more »

Post 500 Startups CareLuLu Raises $1.7 Million


Last week I wrote an article about CareLuLu and how they recently graduated from the 500 Startups accelerator in Batch 10. We’ve long known 500 Startups is a great jumping off point for startups with big ideas, and this week it’s been proven once again as CareLuLu has just announced the close of a successful… Read more »

Tim Cook Comes Out, What it Means for LGBT Entrepreneurship


Recently the CEO of the most valuable company of the world publicly announced: “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay one of the greatest gifts God has given me.” That of course was Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Cook becomes the third openly gay CEO of a publicly traded company and… Read more »

DC’s SocialRadar Acquires Gridskippr to Provide High-Accuracy Location Tech to App Developers


SocialRadar, the Washington, D.C.-based startup that utilizes geo-location data from social networks to provide real-time information on people nearby, announced this morning that it has acquired the Baltimore, MD-based startup Gridskippr, which has experienced its own success through its advanced location manager and mobile advertising technology for smartphone apps. As a result of this acquisition, SocialRadar can further… Read more »

Can Technology Really Help Us Protect Our Financial Data?


Another day, another very public embarrassment concerning the safety (or lack thereof) of our collective financial data. I probably don’t need to remind you about recent data breaches from the likes of Target and Home Depot. Alternatives, such as the new and untested Apple Pay, promise to keep our data safe, but with iCloud security… Read more »