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3 Things to Include in a Perfect Press Pitch Email

Burned Out Blogger's guide to pr jason kincaid

With International CES this week, press pitch emails are flying right and left and everyone’s trying to stand out among the crowd at CES 2015. How do you make sure your startup’s story gets heard? In his ebook The Burned Out Blogger’s Guide to PR, former TechCrunch writer Jason Kincaid presents his formula for an… Read more »

CES 2015: Where Does a 3D Printer Fit in Your Home?

3D printing

This week in Las Vegas, the International Consumer Electronics Show debuted a space dedicated uniquely to 3D printing. In the last few years, 3D printing is taking over the country with hobbyist and makers gathering in various MakerFaire and Meetups to exchange ideas. So the creation of a marketplace for 3D printing at CES 2015 cements this… Read more »

Look Out for This Android BOSS at CES 2015


The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that takes place in Las Vegas every year is a clearinghouse for all the hottest, most innovative, and best new technologies of the year. CES 2015, much like years past, promises to deliver in all areas, but I’ll be taking a specific look at the Android sector. On Monday,… Read more »

ReSound Hearing Aids Launch Android App in Time for CES 2015

hearing aids

The world’s smartest hearing aid, ReSound LiNX, today announced from the International CES conference in Las Vegas that the ReSound Smart app will now be available on Android. Previously, the ReSound smart hearing aids were compatible with iPhone and Apple iOS. At CES 2015, they’ve launched compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and plan to… Read more »

Watch This Designer Create Things Using Just Her Nose

Look, No Hands

Can you imagine going about your everyday life with little to no use of your arms? Can you imagine being a designer with such limited functionality? For designer Michelle Vandy, it’s a reality to which she’s had to get accustomed: everything she designs is created solely by her nose. She shares her personal story on Look,… Read more »

Optimum Onboarding: How to Make Sure Your New Employees Shine in Their First 90 Days


As a serial entrepreneur of nearly 20 years, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the single greatest asset any company has is its people. Not only is culture the cornerstone of building a successful company, it gives company leaders a competitive advantage to create an environment where innovation is nurtured. Build Culture from Day One Building… Read more »

Microsoft’s Diversity Stats Reveal Progress Towards Closing Its Employee Diversity Gap

Microsoft Diversity Stats

Diversity in Silicon Valley and the tech industry as a whole have been and will continue to become a dominating and contentious issue. While many within the industry claim that new policies and programs are being implemented to promote the growth of women and non-whites among their ranks, the numbers continue to prove otherwise. For both small… Read more »

Viper at CES 2015: Uniting Wearables and Connected Cars


Today at The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015), Viper formally announced a new app that gives users the ability to start, lock, unlock, and track their car from nearly anywhere in the world via their smartphone. The app, named Viper SmartStart, will integrate Android Wear and Apple Watch accessibility early in the 2015… Read more »

Car Charging Group Raises $6M in Funding to Reduce Cash Burn


Miami Beach-based Car Charging Group, Inc an operator and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, recently announced that it has raised $6 million in funding.  The Offering consisted of convertible preferred securities with a conversion price of$0.70 and warrants exercisable at $1.00. The Company also announced that it has undertaken specific restructuring actions to improve… Read more »

Who Keeps Your Online information Safe? [Infograph]


From the looks of it, not even you can keep your personal information safe once it hits the internet. It’s not really news that a lot of our data can be accessed without permission in the deep web world. But it’s important to understand how information is accessed to recognize vulnerabilities. From the looks of it,… Read more »