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Tech Cocktail

HelloWallet CEO Matt Fellowes on Their Series B Funding


This morning HelloWallet announced that they closed $12 million in Series B funding.  Chicago-based Morningstar, Inc. invested $6.75 million and DC-based TD Fund (TDF) invested $4 million.  Existing investors and new investors also participated in the round.  Morningstar and HelloWallet plan to co-market their services to employers and 401(k) providers. I had a chance to… Read more »

The Future of Video Metadata, Automate Video Tags With Veenome


When Google crawls your website, they’re putting less value in what you have to say about your content (i.e. metadata),and more interest in what the content itself is saying and who is talking about it.  Makes sense.  If our own assessment of the content of our lives were a true indicator of their worth, we’d all… Read more »

The Future of Fun: An Interview With Sphero CEO Paul Berberian


Blank slate has never been so colorful. At last year’s SXSW, Tech Cocktail covered a new robo-ball-toy called Sphero.  The robotic ball, controlled by your smartphone, puts a heavy emphasis on design.  While the ball’s clear exterior rotates in order to achieve movement, the interior remains balanced. The result- Sphero’s bottom half continually faces the… Read more »

This Should Blow Your Mind: Meet Fluidinfo, The Most Disruptive Startup You Haven’t Heard Of


Last March at SXSW, Tim O’Reilly called Fluidinfo his favorite startup. Three years earlier, Robert Scoble said it was “unfundable” but “world-changing” – yet Fluidinfo has since raised $1.3 million from investors including Esther Dyson and O’Reilly himself. Why is Fluidinfo garnering such praise, and why is it so hard to understand? Fluidinfo is basically… Read more »

Redefining Beer Taps and Online Music Stores: An Interview With Matt Younkle

Matt Younkle

For some, their million-dollar idea strikes while in the shower.  For others, it’s scribbled out on a notepad on their nightstand moments before falling asleep.  For Matt Younkle, however, his flash of genius struck while waiting in line.  For beer. His frustration with the slow moving line at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student union led him to… Read more »

Facebook For Fans And Athletes: LockerDome Wants to Be Your Recreational Social Network


Facebook owns social.  LinkedIn owns professional.  How about recreational?   “The bet we’ve made is that people have 3 big persona’s in their life: social, professional, and recreational,” says Gabe Lozano, LockerDome Co-Founder and CEO.  “We want to cover recreational – an area that we believe people are more passionate about than any of the… Read more »

Steve Case Talks Revolution with Stephen Colbert

Steve Case Steven Colbert

Last Thursday Steve Case appeared on the Colbert Report to discuss all things “sharing economy“-related. Case, the Chairman and CEO of Revolution, the DC-based  investment firm, handled each of Colbert’s quips and subsequently took advantage of conveying the principles behind this new economic shift.  In explaining that most vehicles and vacation homes only get used… Read more »

The Future of Technology in Elections: An Interview with ElectNext’s Keya Dannenbaum

ElectNext Keya Dannenbaum

Which presidential candidate best represents your political ideology?  Seems like a fairly straightforward question, right?  Before getting too confident in your response, I suggest taking a quick stop over at Keya Dannenbaum’s latest venture, ElectNext. What has been dubbed the “OkCupid of Politics,” the concept behind ElectNext is pretty simple.  First, select the topics that matter… Read more »

Ensogo Cofounder: Groupon Said, “If You Don’t Let Us Acquire You, We’re Going to Kill You” – and Other Acquisition Stories

Ensogo Part 1

Founded in 2009, Southeast Asian daily deal site Ensogo was approached by LivingSocial and acquired in June 2011 for an undisclosed amount. At the time, cofounder Paul Srivorakul reports, they had about an 85% market share in Thailand, 50-60%t in the Philippines, and 45-50% in Indonesia. Now, with a team of over 450, Ensogo is… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions from Asian Entrepreneurs

New Years Resolutions Asia

As 2012 begins, startups are setting goals like the rest of us. Below are the resolutions – personal and professional, practical and ambitious – of a few Asian entrepreneurs. “My New Year’s resolution is to live life fearlessly and live in the present. The secret to being a successful entrepreneur is be realistic but also… Read more »