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Tech Cocktail

Why Titanium App Development is a Smart Move for Startups Who Need Apps


Developing mobile applications is a challenge for every professional developer. They need to focus on each elemental aspect, while coding applications that are responsive, functional and compatible. Covering the bases for every feature is not exactly an easy task, even for the most talented developers. That’s why the Titanium application framework has emerged as one of the best for extensive mobile… Read more »

How to Bring your App to Market


You wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in a cold sweat. Shakily, you grab a pad and paper and jot down the ideas that are swimming in your head. Overcome by exhaustion, your head falls back to the pillow and you fall back asleep. The next morning, you wake up and read the notepad… Read more »

7 Things You Should Know About The DC Design Community


DC breeds a culture of creativity. With design agencies, startups, artists and freelancers aplenty, it can be hard to navigate your way through the creative jungle of the District. For that reason, the good people at General Assembly organized the first Introduction to the DC Design Community event last night. The reputable panel included designers… Read more »

Bootstrapping Logo Design: How to Get a Great Logo for Less


A good logo is essential for any startup. However, most fledgling companies don’t have in-house designers. Rather than paying a lot of money to hire a freelance designer, try crowdsourcing your next logo. There are a variety of sites available, where people can be commissioned to create personalized designs. Regardless of your budget or project… Read more »

Jason Fried Rants about Modern Web Design


Jason Fried, the cofounder of 37signals, concluded Tech Cocktail Sessions Chicago last week with a critique of modern, slick web design. We’ll let Fried speak for himself: Fried: “I’m actually really interested in less perfect things these days. I think there’s a bad trend going on in web design, specifically in application design, which is everything… Read more »

Macaw, the Code-Savvy Web Design Tool Raises $175K+ on Kickstarter


Building beautiful websites is mastering the art of both design and front-end development. Web designers must focus on crafting beautiful, intuitive websites while developers meticulously bring these elements to life through lines of code. Out of all of the web design tools out there, not one seamlessly integrates these two processes. With existing tools, you… Read more »

Nice Laundry: Revolutionize your sock drawer (Kickstarter project)


This is a story of two friends who quit their jobs to revolutionize men’s sock drawers. After quitting, Phil Moldavski and Ricky Choi only took six months (with two months spent learning web development at dev bootcamp) to launch their first Kickstarter campaign on March 6th. Within the first 24 hours, the company attracted 283 backers,… Read more »

Boston Startup Institute Will Expand to New York City in June


The creators of Boston Startup Institute, previously called Boston Startup School, announced today that they will be opening another program in New York City starting in June. “There’s a tremendous amount of energy in New York right now,” says cofounder and CCO Shaun Johnson. “The vibrance and the zest for life, that young mentality, is… Read more »

Learn Programming in 3 Months with Hack Reactor


Tech companies are saying it loud and clear: “We want developers.” In response, they hear a muffled murmuring from the market: “The good ones are all taken.” Developers-in-training could turn to universities to get their education, but the choice isn’t ideal. It takes four years, and you get a heavy dose of theory with less… Read more »

Simplify Student Loan Repayment with


Brendon McQueen, founder and CEO of, graduated Columbia University facing 12 student loans. His student loan story is not unique. More than 37 million people in the U.S. have student loans, totaling more than $1 Trillion (eclipsing credit card debt and automotive loans). Besides the normal issues of transitioning into an uncertain job market,… Read more »