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Tech Cocktail

3 Spectacular Ways to Mess Up Your Brand From an IP Perspective


If you are just starting a business or creating a new product line or service offering, I bet you’re struggling to come up with a name for it. That’s not surprising—good branding is hard work. It takes dedicated time, thoughtfulness, and research. Here are three sure-fire ways from an intellectual property perspective that can really… Read more »

Code Year: Is This The Year You Learn To Code?

code year presented by codecademy

Is 2012 the year you take on learning to code? I hung up my coding shoes in 2006, but that hasn’t stopped me from hacking on a project here and there over the last few years. But over time, my skills for specific programming languages have become outdated with the slew of new technologies available…. Read more »

SweetLabs Announces Mixtape Winner of First Pokki Challenge

SweetLabs Pokki Challenge

SweetLabs recently announced Mixtape, the winner of first Pokki Challenge, “a contest that rewards web developers and designers for creating awesome desktop applications using HTML5.”  The panel of four judges received more than 60 innovative applications over the course of just 6 weeks. Mixtape, created by Mohamed Tedjani Metfah, took home the $30,000 grand prize… Read more »

Siri Hacked: Five Of Our Favorite Hacks So Far

Siri Hacked

It was only a matter of time before Apple’s voice activated assistant, Siri, was hacked. With the help of Applidium, hacker and developer Pete Lamoni (@plamoni) released Siri Proxy on GitHub. It’s a proxy server that allows developers and hackers to create custom functionality for the Apple software. Just a week later, here’s a list… Read more »

Scott Belsky of Behance on Creatives and Crowdsourcing

Scott Belsky SXSW Delivering Happiness

If you’re a creative, you’ll want to watch this short video interview with Scott Belsky, founder of Behance, who spoke with Frank Gruber as part of our Delivering Happiness interview series.  Behance is the largest online network of creative professionals in the world.  They totally rethought the portfolio so creatives can really show off their… Read more »

Google+ Launches First Part Of Developer API

Google Plus Developer Platform

Google+ has been the talk of the summer.  It’s been attracting new users at a record pace – all without the help of outside developers. Today, Google announced in a blog post that they have launched the first Google+ developer API. While this is only the first part of the Google+ API, it is still… Read more »

3 Ways to Survive App Fatigue


Just like many of you, I have lots of apps on my phone (and even more that I’ve installed and deleted).  The latest one I’ve been using is Summify.  For now, I’m simply trying them out to see what type of innovation they’re bringing to discovering news stories.  As a writer for Tech Cocktail, these types… Read more »

Solution Zero – Don’t Overthink Your Startup

Startup cartoon

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” – Peter Drucker I get asked from time to time what I believe makes someone an entrepreneur, and invariably I respond by saying that an entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem and says, “I can fix that.” Peoples’ definitions will vary, and… Read more »

Live from the Startup Mixology Conference – The Importance of Design

Leslie Bradshaw

As President, COO, and CoFounder of data visualization/creative agency JESS3, Leslie Bradshaw has been described as the “operational energy” behind JESS3’s explosive growth and international success. The Wall Street Journal recognized her as a Top Woman in Tech Under 30 and the “brains” driving the company forward.  Her speech was short, to the point, and… Read more »

Search Engines Unite with

Web standards are often formed with great intent to change the way we interface with the web, but lack of adoption by the giants in technology can make or break these standards. In the last decade there have been multiple initiatives to implement microformats for the web such as Yahoo’s SearchMonkey, Google’s Recipe Search, and… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Working with Designers


This is a guest blog post written by Tyler York, CEO of  Trisse. A few months ago, before we started working on Trisse, my co-founder and I created a 99 Designs submission for a side project called We never ended up implementing the project, but we learned a lot about how to work with designers… Read more »