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Tech Cocktail

3 Ways to Survive App Fatigue


Just like many of you, I have lots of apps on my phone (and even more that I’ve installed and deleted).  The latest one I’ve been using is Summify.  For now, I’m simply trying them out to see what type of innovation they’re bringing to discovering news stories.  As a writer for Tech Cocktail, these types… Read more »

Solution Zero – Don’t Overthink Your Startup

Startup cartoon

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” – Peter Drucker I get asked from time to time what I believe makes someone an entrepreneur, and invariably I respond by saying that an entrepreneur is someone who sees a problem and says, “I can fix that.” Peoples’ definitions will vary, and… Read more »

Live from the Startup Mixology Conference – The Importance of Design

Leslie Bradshaw

As President, COO, and CoFounder of data visualization/creative agency JESS3, Leslie Bradshaw has been described as the “operational energy” behind JESS3’s explosive growth and international success. The Wall Street Journal recognized her as a Top Woman in Tech Under 30 and the “brains” driving the company forward.  Her speech was short, to the point, and… Read more »

Search Engines Unite with

Web standards are often formed with great intent to change the way we interface with the web, but lack of adoption by the giants in technology can make or break these standards. In the last decade there have been multiple initiatives to implement microformats for the web such as Yahoo’s SearchMonkey, Google’s Recipe Search, and… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Working with Designers


This is a guest blog post written by Tyler York, CEO of  Trisse. A few months ago, before we started working on Trisse, my co-founder and I created a 99 Designs submission for a side project called We never ended up implementing the project, but we learned a lot about how to work with designers… Read more »

Growing A Culture of Problem Solvers with Harper Reed

As CTO of Threadless, Harper Reed helped grow the community-based company that prints designs created and chosen by users from 2 barely functioning servers to over 45 devices. He also helped Threadless produce a revenue of over $20 million. Reed has since moved on from Threadless and is working on his own secret startup. Harper… Read more »

Building A Solid Startup Team with Eric Lunt of BrightTag

As Co-Founder and CTO of FeedBurner which sold to Google back in 2007, Eric Lunt has experience building a successful tech startup into a business. Eric’s new venture, BrightTag, looks to ease the pain that publishers have with inserting ads, metrics and other includes into a web property. BrightTag creates a simple system that can be controlled… Read more »

5 Tips For Launching Your Web App In Record Time

I’m a designer and front-end developer, and recently decided to build my own web app with little programming experience. On my own, I managed to build, design, and launch my first web app, an online directory of wedding invitation designers, in six weeks. Here’s how I did it and how you can too. 1. Know… Read more »

Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World

As a web developer I’ve noticed that over the past five to eight years, a trend to develop applications that can run ubiquitous of their environment. With the rising popularity of cloud computing and the emerging mobile markets, enterprise clients have started to move away from the model of building web applications that would only… Read more »

UX4Good: A Designers’ Hackathon to Solve Social Problems

Last weekend I had the privilege of participating in UX4Good. UX4Good is self-described as a: “wildly ambitious effort to design systemic solutions for some of the most vexing social challenges.” Produced by our agency partners Manifest Digital, the weekend brought together 40 top user experience designers and 10 gifted visual designers to participate in a… Read more »

Instamania! What Makes The Instagram iPhone App So Hot?

There are currently thousands of photo applications in the Apple iTunes App Store. I just counted over 1,300 photography applications that have been released since June 2010. So this makes for a rather competitive landscape. But with all the selection, there are certain applications for certain situations. One photo app that has risen to the… Read more »

How To Design For One Billion Users

Clearspring, a mature startup based just outside of D.C., has been on a roll with both their audience platform and with AddThis. AddThis offers a number of sharing options and collects a ton of data about sharing on the Web. In doing so they have touched the lives of a billion users. This past week,… Read more »

Product Design: Who’s Your Initial Audience?

Like it or not, accept it or not, we are different. We read RSS. We use Twitter, Facebook, and any other bright, shiny, social media and various other tools we find along our travels of the interwebs. But it is vital to remember that as an entrepreneur building a new product, YOU ARE NOT MAINSTREAM…. Read more »

The Customer Feedback Loop From Mad Men to Social Media

I am a huge fan of Mad Men, the show of the ad men and women of the 1960′s.  In the series the main character, Don Draper, is a self proclaimed genius at figuring out what people really want and presenting them with an ad and a product.  Throughout the series, the ad agencies are… Read more »